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Fashion of Today, Chakra Removal

Yogis, who have done meditation for ages in Himalayas, never recommended chakra removal. Simply because if you could even remove one chakra you would die. Secondly yogis have certain meditation lessons, which include methods of concentrating, cleansing and activating chakras, without chakras you can’t even do these meditation lessons. What will happen to kundalini energy which can rise only with the help of chakras if they are removed?
Here one weird example of Chakra Removal

According her the chakra system connects to matrix and is harvesting energy from humans; chakra system is imprisonment system. She admits that after removal of cakras, the matrix can still collect energy from you, so you still need to change the frequency in order to become untouchable. Anyhow at least she says that one has to confirm this info first from the infinite source by pendulum (!) before removing chakras!

People seem to believe that ETs, demons or MILAB have infiltrated humans through chakras, so they must be removed. I think better and less dangerous is to try to clean the chakras, or just remove those physical or etheric implants in order to recover from “slavery”.

Asanas have most effect through chakras, so why to do asanas if one doesn’t have chakras? And the most funny thing is that you can’t remove chakras even how much you try, whether you are psychic, yoga teacher or health expert.

Chakras have tremendous effect on human bodily functions and mind. They receive and filter information, impressions and vibrations from external world. Food has some effect on health of chakras. Chakras control the human glandular functions. Yoga asanas (posters) balance the chakras and thus through glands have effect on mental health. Each gland have connection to mental side as well as bodily functions. For example if navel (manipura) chakra is not functioning properly one may feel irritable, angry, jealous and have blind attachments. Physically one may have digestion and body temperature disturbances if liver and pancreas are dysfunctional on navel chakra area.

Chakra Removal, Very dangerous. He explains first why people think chakras has to be removed; aliens put implants into chakras in order to control and manipulate humans and to suck spiritual energy and set up alien programs. People also seem to think according him that the concentration on different chakras fragments consciousness, so the removal of chakras is meant to unify and increase concentration.

He thinks that belief into chakra removal is a sign of victim mentality – that you are not protected, worthy or loved, so you are subject to external attack, manipulation and imprisonment. Chakra removal is meant to give your security back. He says, if you believe so, you have to get your faith back. Everything in your life is your creation, you are not any victim. In reality anybody has to ask permission in order to control you. And actually you can never get free from chakras - but you may do meditation practise, so you will get your faith back.

Chakra removal is most demonic cult in the world

Psychic Focus explains; chakras are a beautiful gift given to humans, a way to connect our physical body to our spiritual / higher self. They also serve as a buffer between the physical and spiritual self to prevent us from frying our human 3D systems. Keeping chakras in balance and harmony will align our physical body with our spiritual body.

For example, if in this life you felt that your voice wasn’t being heard or you had communication problems, your throat chakra would eventually become out of balance. It could manifest in chronic sore throats, coughing, neck aches, etc. Without a chakra as a guide, you would be faced with putting “band-aids” rather than truly solve your issues‘.

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Why Yogis Should Run the World?

Sadhguru states on his latest video (shortly); ‘The market economy offends our feelings to some extent, but it is the only system which has worked for some extent. We need now yogis to run the system. If the way in which our world leaders perceive life alters even 10 %, then big changes will happen. Give me 25 leaders of major nations for five days, and everything will change within 3 years. Sadhguru is already having meetings with heads of some nations’.

Sadhguru flying by Cosmos to cosmos, and his 35 meter (112 feet) high Adiyogi Shiva


Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, is a spiritual reformer since 1982, teaching yoga, doing social service and ecological programs. Sadhguru’s goal is to bring spirituality from mountain top to the streets.

When Sadhguru was asked, who will rule the world in the future, he concentrates first on India’s future; ‘India has been deficient in leadership due to foreign colonialization, but things are changing, youth has to be educated to take up the leadership.

Practically the business leaders will become the most significant in the world. They know how to make things successfully. They can make deal with anyone, but political, military and religious leaders can’t agree with their opposition. However business leaders have to be re-educated, so far they are trying to fulfil only their personal ambitions. The business leadership of large international enterprises should have goal to benefit the entire nations.’

Sadhguru says that statistics will not tell the future, because data will not tell human heart. One person who rises up can make difference, change the society, country or even the world. How Indian future will be depends on youth of India, they are going beyond caste and religion.

Yoga can create 100 % healthy, joyful society. America is example in everything. I try to get Americans to meditate, then the whole world will follow. Indian people learnt to fight against British rulers, then now we fight automatically with our own leaders. The present leaders have no magic word to fix everything, but at least we should support them. Conversation with Sadhguru,

Offering Yoga to our Soldiers. Soldiers job is a conscious step towards facing mortality. If you take a bicycle and don’t know how to drive, you will end up in terror when the speed goes uncontrollable. But when you really learn to drive bicycle, the more fast it goes the more fun it is. Our Prime Minister is sitting down and doing yoga. We must bring it also to the soldiers, it is crucial for making up the nation.

International Day of Yoga Jun 20, 2017 - was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Isha Yoga Center in the presence of Sadhguru. He explained that the huge Adiyogi Shiva statue on background by its peaceful figure would remind people of spirituality for the rest of their life. (‘Adiyogi’ steel statue is the world’s largest bust according the Guinness Books).

PM Narendra Modi himself performed yoga in International Yoga Day on India TV,

Make the world great again, Modi and Trump Hugging

     Sadhguru still says; ‘like the earth is connected with sun in geometric perfection (not by any thread), same way the entire science of yoga is to bring human system in geometric perfection, that he/she is aligned with the cosmic geometry. Sadhguru’s trips around India by motorbike,

Donald Trump Hug Narendra Modi, and about the Economy of India,
Body Language: happy little Santa Claus Modi with Trump,                   
Indian Yogi scientist P R Sarkar also recommended spiritual leadership, so called Sadvipras. Instead of the most spiritually evolved members of society seeking their own enlightenment in caves and monasteries and thus leaving the guidance of society to the corrupt politicians, spiritually elevated individuals should take on the leadership of the society. Since their goal – developed by regular meditation – is self and cosmic realization and not any mundane wealth, power or fame, there will be no chance of their corruption. Inspired and guided by them, mankind will accelerate its march toward new heights of spiritual and material perfection.

Those who advocate a materialistic philosophy, and are not moralists and spiritualists, cannot effect such progressive change. Only those who are universalists in the true sense can effect such adjustments. The leadership must be left to those who are genuine servants of mankind. Sadvipras are absolutely selfless.

Due to their enlarged vision and expanded consciousness, Sadvipras bestow their love and affection upon one and all. Hence the Era of the sadvipra is both the prayer and the demand of the suppressed and oppressed humanity.

Those sadvipras will have to learn to be disciplined, take proper revolutionary training, build their character, be moralists. To be worthy of being sadvipras, individuals will have to concentrate on both intellectual and social development. Such sadvipra has to perform a fundamental and vital duty to society.

In the cycle of social evolution, before the end of each age, some particular class (capitalists at present) enjoys the position of domination. Now the duty of the sadvipra is to see the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the society as a whole, and that the dominating class has no scope to exploit the rest of the society. 1968, Ranchi

According Sarkar’s PROUT, Progressive Utilization Theory, to ensure the all-round welfare of the society, the benevolent dictatorship of Sadvipra boards is an absolute necessity. Sadvipras shall elect and form several boards consisting of persons who are conversant and experienced in the various branches of administration. PROUT supports centralization of political power and decentralization of economic power. 1969, Ranchi

Only Sadvipras can constantly maintain proper adjustment with time, space and person. Those who reflect universalism in the fullest measure – are alone capable of constantly maintaining proper adjustment, for under the influence of a spiritual ideal their nature become benevolent.

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Lifelong Friendships with ETs

Veijo Hiltunen (70 years old) met for the first time space folks as a 3 years old child. Then, 50 years ago, at the age of 17, he got his first real space friend, Jerome. Since then, he has acquired two more space friends, Salome and Anton. These ETs are living in Finland. Veijo knows other humans who have also had similar experiences with ETs. He says there are plenty of ETs living among humans, especially in India, with many in Denmark but less in Sweden and Finland

Finnish Veijo Hiltunen

The Shadow Camera interviewer, previous sceptic, met Veijo on Soisalo island 25 years ago. Veijo told him about his space friends, and was hoping that some UFO would show up, and soon one UFO appeared. Veijo asked three separate times the aliens to flash their lights and each time they did it. The interviewer was no longer a sceptic, and later on, started making video interviews of UFO contacted persons in Finland.

The space people are teaching Veijo about the universe and life; ‘earth is one of the best planets in the universe, but humans are destructive. War is a mental disorder, but space people are not allowed to stop the wars. Rather, humans should help others instead of waging wars. They should accept all races and differences’.

He also mentions, that in the eighties when there was a leak in the Russian nuclear plant near the Finnish border, some ETs contacted many people in a Buddhist meditation group in Helsinki and told they would reduce the radiation. Later on the Buddhists saw photos of UFOs above the nuclear plant in Russia. See more in this Finnish language video,

Finnish military reporting in TV, Chasing UFOs in 1969 (english translation)

Visa Kavila’s amazing ET contacts started 40 years ago. Once in the school at the age of 13 he asked jokingly the ETs to show up. For the surprise of many of the 900 school kids on the school compound, UFO showed up briefly. He met first time physical alien being, Tepi during ship journey to England for study at the age of 18. Tepi looked quite human with big eyes, Visa felt he was very nice guy. When Tepi went to kitchen and told to the staff in a very cheerful way, that his food has to be fried in a pan that was never used to fry meat, the kitchen staff took it jokingly.

Visa invited Tepi to stay in his cabin over night as he was alone. Tepi showed 5-6 photos of landed UFOs. Still Visa didn’t know that Tepi was an extraterrestrial. When they went to eat together in a restaurant, Tepi went around and invited every lonely person to come and sit together. Nine previously unknown people spend nice evening together.

Visa realized Tepi was extraterrestrial when they approached custom officials. Visa asked, ‘don’t you take your passport ready’. Tepi answered that he doesn’t need one. Tepi seem to be invisible to the officials and passed without passport. Tepi wanted to visit Visa in London but Visa told he still doesn’t have address. According Tepi it was not a problem to find his place. Later on indeed Tepi came to visit Visa. He was sad of knowing that Visa had been smoking, and advised not to do so.

Later on Visa met an alien couple, Peter and Eva. They looked normal people, but very brilliant. They had spiritual discussions and when Visa mentioned of having met amazing man in boat, Eva told, ‘Tepi is one of us’. She confirmed they were all starpeople living on earth.

Visa met these starpeople four years, then they moved out of the earth, but in 2011 when Visa had asked Peter and Eva mentally if he could go public with his story, their astral images showed up. Visa had very joyful telepathic discussion with them. He still contacts them when needing advices.

Since he has also met another telepathic woman alien, who told him that they can help anyone in certain things, if one asks help from them. Once Visa got implant in his hand from aliens. He was concerned, and thought to get free of it, but later on he learnt to use it as antenna and getting information.

The ETs have taken Visa couple of times to some special spiritual place, where all the different ETs gather to spend time and discuss. He got paralysed once but it helped him to get back the memories from suppressed contacts.

At young age Visa had learnt meditation and yoga from her aunt and at the age of 15 he had found a human spiritual teacher. Then starpeople further taught about spiritual matters. He advices; ‘find peace and love, be open minded what ever is your religion. Earth is going to become very good spiritual place. The positive ETs contact spiritual people, but the negative ones contact just anyone’.

Many more interesting experiences from 70 years old Visa in English, And here his first video

Asko Nummela is publishing magazine Tähteläiset (Starfellow). At school age he realized he had lived his past life on other planet. He has seen couple of UFOs and has had contacts with ETs. Once in 1997 UFO had fallen down near his home. The aliens couldn’t remove the UFO off immediately, and warned mentally him not to come near, but he didn’t care. Asko felt it was radiating heat and it burned his face and neck badly. The doctors took his story seriously, and tried to do medical research with MRI etc on him. Local fire brigade leader, who had also seen UFO previously, asked Asko to keep a lecture for his workers related to this UFO accident. While his neck was red for half a year, Asko was invited to show up and speak in many other places.

Video about his burned skin in Finnish,

Mostly Asko has met bluish ETs that are from his home planet. They show themselves up to those people who would become convinced of life on other planets and would start spreading info. During UFO researcher’s lectures Asko has seen different kind of aliens appearing. Once he met an alien who brings art to earth from other planets.

His advice is to respect all life and share spiritual experiences. He became vegetarian, learnt meditation and realized he came to help on earth. His father also has seen once aliens.

Kalevi Riikonen is most well known contact person in Finland. His first contact with aliens happened when he was driving by car and had 1,5 hours time loss. His car colour changed during that trip. Later while attending a lecture he met an alien, who was sitting next to him and communicating telepathically with him. He has never felt any fear when he has been meeting ETs, although some aliens tried to take him over, but he knows how to protect himself. He has met countless different kind of ETs and got tremendous amount of information, which he has written in his books. ETs have told him that the population of earth will decrease notably. Some cities will sunk under sea. One who follows intuition will not get affected by natural and manmade calamities.

Once an ET told to him how US shot missile towards Russia by accident, but the ETs took it over above Finland in order to prevent damage. The flight of the missile was widely published in the news in Sweden and Finland, but nobody mentioned what happen to it. More What He Learnt from Aliens in English,

Kipa Koskela has spiritual background and poltergeist experiences. She lived some time together with alien contactee Anne from Sirius who had long fingers. Aliens were often coming for visit from Omega planet, on 7 th dimension. During Pori Jazz 95 occasion, five people were hoping if UFO would come. The UFO really appeared for masses.

After two days in the main newspaper a woman told how UFO crashed her car, broke the side of it, witnessed by school kids. Kipa has many materialization experiences, golden things raining down in healing situations. She has collected many of them and when a professor did laboratory research on those he told that he has never seen anything like that. In Finnish, 1945 born, Kipa,

Arttu Tuomela was taken by UFO near Pluto. He was kept in some kind of box, because the air there was not breathable to him. He had nice discussions with those human looking aliens. Since he have got many messages from these aliens. He started to think about food, nature etc in totally different ways. Meat and alcohol had to go. Many his contacts happens on mental level, telepathically, sometimes ETs appear in physical. In Finnish,

An old woman saw red light ball shining from window. A man with basked took samples from ground. She woke up in the night and looked to forest there was ball, she taught it was moon falling down. Sister said that it is so bright it can’t be moon. After two days the woman got burned skin. She went to doctor and told about UFO. She was given antibiotics. In English,

Finnish chat forum got 500 comments about UFOs around Hudö during 2011 and 2012. Most of them were daily UFO sightings from different people. Hudö is near Loviisa nuclear power plant. One story goes like this, ’a foreign ship was approaching Loviisa harbour. It followed the lights on the bottom of the sea. The captain told to the harbor officials, ’how good guiding system you have in Finland for ships’. It made the officials totally speechless, but since they have heard many stories about lights under water. In Finnish,

UFO in FINLAND, 16X slower,
UFO Finland 2011,
Baltic sea anomaly photo,
Valery Uvarov Nordic Ufo Conference 22 8 2015 on the Baltic sea,
Linda Moulton Howe The Baltic Sea Mystery Deepens,
Anne from Sirius,

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