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Shiva’s Impact on Human History – Marriage System 7000 Years Old?

When the world is in great turmoil the Supreme Creator has no other option but to come to aid the suffering humanity. The first one to quide and manifest in human form was Shiva about 7000 years ago. In those days people had already noticed that behind psychic power there is another power which provides psychic strength. They had already invented simple, scattered tantric practise (spiritual practise), but Shiva gave it a systematic form, thus making tantra a spiritual science. 

Photo, Shiva, the Universal Father

Even at the present time practices taught by Shiva occupy the waking hours of nearly a fourth of the earth’s human population. Besides some of his fundamental systems like marriage are accepted by most of the humanity. Many people worship Shiva as a god, but fail to recognize him as an historical person.

The civilization of those ancient days was quite different from our time. Each community used to live on a hill, a gotra in Sanskrit. A sage was the acknowledged leader of that community, just as the clan-mother had been in earlier matriarchal age. After the patriarchal system was established, the members of one gotra would forcibly carry women from other gotras, their hands bound in iron chains. Even to this day, many Indian women wear symbolic bangles on their wrists during wedding and red mark on their foreheads – a symbol of blood – hit by an axe. All this invariably led different clans into bloody conflicts.

Shiva declared that those who found it impossible to accept the bondages of family life, should remain single celibate. Others would have to become disciplined family people by fully accepting their responsibilities. There was patriarchal system, but the matrilineal order was still in vogue, because it was easy to identify the mothers, but the male libertines would not know or take responsibility for their offspring, as a result of which many children died in early infancy. After children were weaned, they would forget their mothers also.

My comment; It seems Atlanteans and Lemurians are not considered here as part of human civilization if they even existed before Shiva, or were they ET origin? They probably had their own kind of marriage systems and also influenced the Egyptians, but Shiva’s system of marriage has continued until today around the world. One may question is humanity returning at present time to the ‘stone age’ of single mothers struggling to maintain their kids alone, and kids not knowing their fathers?

In order to practically unite the different races, Shiva married three wives – Parvatii, a fair-complexioned Aryan girl; Kalii, a dark-complexioned non-Aryan girl; and Gaunga, a yellow-complexioned Mongolian girl. Shiva also convinced people, those of you who love me, should accept the benevolent rule of a code of discipline. You should proclaim to the world; henceforth we shall no longer remain divided into various gotras. Smashing all barriers, we shall all sit and eat together in the same compound, bound by the ties of one human family’. People declared; ‘we, the followers of Shiva belong to one gotra, Shivagotra’.

Shiva’s greatest contribution to humanity is the concept of dharma (human characteristic); human beings want absolute peace. He taught people how to attain peace and evolve their minds with the help of mantra, asanas and pranayama in order to attain the Supreme Consciouness. This path is known as Shaeva Dharma (Shiva Dharma). Besides intuitional science, Shiva played also a crucial role in propelling human society on a forward path in education, medicine, social code, music, dance and phonetics. 

Shiva’s Tandava, just imagine gotra folks dancing with snake on one hand, and fire on the other

This Shaeva Dharma became the essential dharma of India, no one was ignored – neither the Aryans and non-Aryans, nor the women and untouchables. There were conflicts between the ‘Vedic’ Aryans, and the indigenous non-Aryan simple ‘Tantrics’. Vedas were still just external rituals, and Aryans had no real spiritual awareness or urge, and took many non-Aryans as their slaves. Shiva held one ideal before them; ‘remember, you are all the loving children of the Supreme Father. You are entitled to live in this world as the sons and daughters of one and the same Cosmic Father. I am always ready to help you to establish yourselves in your right to cosmic inheritance and a truly ideological life.’

According Vedas, even spiritually advanced woman would have to be reborn as a man in order to attain liberation. Shiva smashed all these dogmas with a blow of his trident and advised also others; ‘those who commit wrongs – strike them with your trident. But the moment they rectify their mistakes, forgive them and take them affectionately on your lap.’

Born into a Mongolo-Aryan family, Shiva was a great master who as the result of his Tantric practises attained extraordinary powers, which he employed to help any undeveloped human society of those days. He propounded ‘self-realisation and service to humanity’. Shiva’s family meant whole universe. 

He was no doubt able to connect to spiritual aspirants around the world even intuitionally or in dreams. Important element in Tantra is the spiritual relationship of Guru and disciple – independent of distance.

Many disciples of Shiva realized that although he was human in form, he was in fact none other than Supreme Consiousness. Towards the end of Shiva’s lifetime, even the Aryan communities considered him as a god. Vedas were influenced by tantra when finally written down about six thousand years ago. The first writings were in pictorial script developed in China, followed by Dravidian pictorial script in India.

So as the scripts of Aryan Vedic language and indigenous Sanskrit were not yet invented during Shiva’s time, many things are forgotten or false interpretations made up. Shiva was whitish complexion, not bluish according common belief. He did’t live on top of Mount Kailas, but on lower planes and occasionally on hills of Himalayas. He travelled with yak, not ox. (During his visit to Switzerland in 1979, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti revealed that Shiva had travelled to the Alps on his yak, Nandi, and also to China and Siberia).

Shiva used loose tiger skin and matted locks of hair. He carried trumpet and trident with his (only) two arms. The moon crescent is related to astrology during Shiva’s time. Ten-armed goddess Durga and four-armed Kalii of the Puranic Age, have nothing to do with Shiva. Shiva’s wife – Gaunga has no relation to river Gaunga. Before the Vedic Age different clans worshipped phallus as the symbol of their earnest desire to multiply – in almost all the countries of the world. After Shiva’s time phallus worship continued as a spiritual practise with Shiva-liunga in India, Asia, and Central America by Mayan civilization.

After Shiva’s departure the Buddhist and Jain doctrines almost inundated the land of India, but Shaeva Dharma maintained its influence among the masses. Still after seven thousand years no one has forgotten him, neither the upper castes nor the so-called untouchables. Most of the followers of Shiva are still vegetarians as also Shiva was.

Shiva song by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, sang usually at five o’clock in the morning. These dancers are from Indian children’s home on visit in USA, “Victory to the benevolent wielder of the thunderbolt” starting at 2.22

Tantra yoga philosophy is mainly composed of Shiva’s answers to Parvatii’s questions – meant to educate the common people. When Parvati asks what is the minimum qualification for spiritual aspirant, Shiva answers; ‘the minimum qualification is that he or she must have a human body’, and ‘the only way to attain salvation is to acquire self-knowledge through proper practice.’ Ideation on Brahma, the creator, is the best – repetitious incantation and eulogistic prayer are the worst, and idol worship is the worst of the worst’.

When Parvatii asked; ‘what qualifications spiritual aspirant should possess in order to succeed,’ Shiva answered; ‘firm determination, caring little for praise or condemnation, seeing others as yourself, control of the senses and balanced diet.’ He also mentioned that while angry the power of one’s thinking is impaired, which state disturbs one’s spiritual sadhana.’ Shiva was not also happy with liars; ‘where there is no satya (truth), there is no dharma, and the ‘ways of sin are always crooked’. Children do not tell lies unless taught otherwise. Even undeveloped people, animals and plants do not speak falsehoods. The so-called advanced people tell lies out of personal interest or habit.

Human beings want expansion, but this is not possible by depriving others of their wealth. A controller is highly necessary in the physical sphere, because ‘those of animal nature seize the morsels of food from others’ mouths like mad dogs’. Shiva taught people that one who protects dharma for the welfare of others is protected oneself by dharma in material, subtle and causal sphere.  
Before Shiva people were half animal, half human, devoid of any social consciousness and mutual love. During Shiva’s time for the first time in history, people began to realize that they were human beings. They built a sweet and loving environment, a social atmosphere of peace and happiness. Besides humans Shiva used to take care of animals and plants too – animals used to approach him without any fear.

No other divinity than Shiva would even touch the shadows of the low castes. After Siva’s time the Aryans in order to prove that Shiva was Aryan hung a sacred thread on his left shoulder, while non-Aryan Shiva wore a snake around his neck. The vestiges of Shiva Tantra are still to be found in Bengal, especially in Kurmun Village in Burdwan District.

So, as it is said; ‘when the world is in great turmoil Supreme Creator has no other option but to come and aid the suffering humanity’ – about 3500 years ago, when Shiva’s teachings were forgotten and human society became degenerated – another sublime entity, Shrii Krsna came. He became the supreme ideal politician of the world during the period of the Mahabharata. Krisna made people conscious in the social, economic and cultural spheres, and advanced society by providing inspiration with his divine flute.

At the present age the society is in crises again, and one more incarnation of cosmic consciousness in human form had to come in order to start the awakening process of humanity for the final golden age – but so far his advent is not yet recogniced as such…See more; The Future Superpower India and Its Kalki Avatar – Who Came and Left His Mission to be Folded

One would ask why all these three divine quides were born in India? India is very special country as even the first human culture spread from India, (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, book, Rarh – The Cradle of Civilization) and spirituality has rooted and started spreading from there. (May be even ETs had something to do with that). Then it was more easy for these great masters like Shiva to spread their message to the whole world from there, also with the help of intuition. Besides we have to notice that those advanced souls in India have reincarnated later on around the world, and brought their spiritual realization with them.

Source, the excerpts were taken from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s discources in 1967 to 1982, Namah Shiváya Shántáya. (Marks ” on quotes are ‘, due to my edit/short cut. Notes with pinkish purple colour are mine).

Now why would Shrii Shrii Anandamurti be the only one to know these things? Nobody is able to convince you about it, you have to decide that by your mind, but let me just mention that he was intuitional beyond belief according those who met him.

Songs about Shiva; Shiva Aum namah Shivaya Mantra seen by 39 million people,

Lord Shiva – Mythology;

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Short Inspirational Stories From Masters
Yogis and Swamis walk amongst us !

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Indira Gandhi Jailed a Guru and Declared Emergency

The Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi was accused of election fraud in 1975. Defeated Raj Narayan filed a case against her in High Court, which found her guilty of misusing the government machinery for her election campaign in 1971. The court declared her election null and void and banned her from contesting in any elections for six years. In the Supreme Court Justice Iyer upheld the High Court judgement and further ordered all her privileges debarred.

Indira Gandhi was more than annoyed and declared National Emergency. Before declaring emergency in India you need to have actually a cabinet decision. But in this case cabinet ministers were only informed about the declaration and next day it was implemented. As soon as the emergency was declared all the ministers who were against Congress were put behind the bars.

History books and newspapers doesn’t know, or want to tell the other part of the story related to the National emergency. Russian KGB was closely involved in Indian politics and supported Indira Gandhi already in 1971. They had mutual paranoid fear of PROUT, which made Mrs Gandhi to imprison the profounder of PROUT, P. R. Sarkar.

During the emergency in 1975 Indira Gandhi used the opportunity to ban altogether 30 organizations – half of them related to PROUT and P. R. Sarkar. Thousands of Sarkar’s missionaries were taken to prison as well. During those times Gandhi personally wrote a letter to one Proutist in Sweden, which shows how afraid of PROUT she was; “I have acted not only to save democracy in India, but very existence as a free nation”.

So why was Mrs Gandhi so afraid of PROUT?

Let’s see first a bit about Prout, An Alternative to Communism…

P.R. Sarkar was born in 1921 and got his nick name Arun according his birth time on sunrise. Four years old Arun recited already a long Shiva mantra, which made many professionals astonished. His relatives and followers called him with different names when he became older, and eventually their Guru at a young age, but I am using here only his official name P. R. Sarkar in order to avoid confusion. He started his spiritual mission in 1955 and founded PROUT, The Progressive Utilization Theory in 1959.

Russian and Indian governments became concerned, because PROUT opposes Communist suppression, although as well it goes against Capitalistic exploitation. And practically Sarkar and his missionaries were not only talking, but also acting against corruption, caste system and exploitation. They were well known with their efficient education methods and successful relief work in India too. Besides Sarkar once stated; “The KGB has an unfounded fear that our emergence would mean growing influence of the CIA in India.” Russian Pravda and TASS were spreading regularly propaganda against PROUT and Sarkar. Mrs Gandhi and Indian intelligence CBI – obviously with the support by the Russian KGB – imprisoned Sarkar with false charges in 1971.

In 1973 the assassins of CBI poisoned Sarkar in jail, which deteriorated his health – he lost almost his sight and hearing. He could have very well escaped from jail at any moment, as he was a master or all kind of psychic powers, but obviously he allowed all of this to happen as a part of his earthly mission in the human body. He stated once; “I want an honourable release” and “my mission is more important than my life”. He then started fasting, which lasted five years, with only taking two cups of Horlicks or butter milk daily – brought by his monks in order to avoid further poisoning attempts.

Another type of murder attempts didn’t succeed any better. Two assassins came twice to Sarkar’s cell in order to kill him with a knife. First time they found him floating on the ceiling of his cell and second time the room was empty. They heard only a voice asking: ‘who is there?’ They got so frightened that they refused to make any further attempts.

Acarya Savitananda who got Swedish passport with the help of Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, got granted an asylum for Sarkar in Sweden. According Ac Savitananda the assassination of Palme was related to Sarkar’s case. Swedish officers took Sarkar’s case into United Nations Human Rights Floor on 1976.

Sarkar was always very humble and didn’t participate on any TV or newspaper interviews - except on India Today, titled “The Mystery Man”. His devotees had to find him with their hearts and intuition. And they found him even during those 7 years time of imprisonment; his mission spread all over the world, into 95 countries. The jailers didn’t understand that Sarkar could guide his workers around the world telepathically. They thought that his ring in his finger was a secret transmitter to communicate outside of the jail, so they stole his ring eventually. 

Once an inspector team with higher officials came to tour in the jail. The jailers had warned and prepared the prisoners to behave nicely, that they would avoid getting beaten up, or their conditions been made worse in that already hot, dirty and overpopulated prison.

The prisoners were quietly staring the VIP staff, saluting them and some were even respectfully touching their feet. When the team entered Sarkar’s cell, there was deathly silence waiting for them. Sarkar started then rebuking the Inspector General about the inhuman conditions in the jail. The Inspector felt humiliated in front of his staff.

Many of his missionaries have stated that in reality it was Sarkar who controlled the prison and not the officials or inspectors. Some jailers, doctors, lawyers and prisoners became followers of Sarkar. His monks were also teaching meditation and yoga practises in prisons all over India.

The wife of the jail superintendent had a dream that there was a great sadhu in the jail, whose body emanated bright light. His husband realized she had dreamed about Sarkar. He then did everything to help Sarkar to have more justice and comforts in his cell. Soon this superintendent was transferred, as was anyone else who tried to help Sarkar too much.

Three parliament members came to visit Sarkar and arranged a press conference demanding his release. A Muslim leader also visited him in the prison. He was greatly sympathetic and organized rallies in order to get Sarkar released.

There was constant flow of visitors to Sarkar’s cell. In one occasion an Indian nun visited Sarkar. He continued to talk with her although the guards were repeatedly saying the time was over. Finally he told the officials: “You know she is working among the Indian minorities and her work is far more important than all your jail work.”

On one hot evening some prisoners had been locked behind bars without water. They were calling the monks of Sarkar in the neighbouring cells, to bring water. The monks didn’t hear due to being in deep meditation, but Sarkar heard them. He went to ask what was the problem and after hearing their miserable situation, he took water from his own cell and gave it to them without caring about his own needs.

As he was considered by prisoners a highly respected Guru, they didn’t want him to lower himself and do service for them. However Sarkar respected any human being in need equally and thus not only brought the water for them, but even distributed it in a glass for each of them. His monks understood after hearing from the fellow prisoners that Sarkar had respected the monk’s meditation and didn’t want to disturb them, and on the other hand he never mentioned himself of having helped those prisoners.

During the emergency time there were also many opposition politicians that Indira Gandhi’s ministry had imprisoned. They came to know Sarkar and his monks, and were surprised to see how disciplined and service minded they were. When those politicians were released, they helped Sarkar’s mission to get back on its feet, including projects that had been taken over by government during the emergency time.

In the court at some point the senior advocate requested even death sentence to Sarkar, although at same time praising him as a great man. He was thinking that this way Sarkar will be remembered similarly than Jesus Christ, which would help to spread his mission all over the world. The judge, although wanting to give death sentence realized, he had no other option than sentence Sarkar to life imprisonment. The attendants of the court were keenly following this unbelievable drama unfolding.

Anyhow later on Sarkar was released without any charges. When he came out from jail, tens of thousands followers and common people were receiving him. He spoke to the crowds and stated, that truth is always victorious eventually.

Will PROUT ever be established in this world, as he believed it will? His faith in PROUT was so strong, that he once demonstrated it to a doubtful visitor without any words by throwing a glass out of window. The visitor heard some odd sound, but couldn’t understand what happened. Only when he went outside – and saw the unbroken glass on the broken rock – he then realized, PROUT is more strong than any opposing forces, according Sarkar.

Sarkar adviced that the exploiters will eventually fight against each other and destroy themselves. Then when Communism and Capitalism are gone, the world is in great need of a new alternative, Sarkar humbly expected PROUT to fill the vacuum. PROUT is based on spiritual values. When human beings will become commonly more spiritual, PROUT will be accepted widely.

Proutists may not yet be ready for supervising the application of PROUT, as also Sarkar expected that his mission would diminish and struggle greatly for the sake of learning integrity, but after solving its own internal problems, it would expand rabidly ready to offer solutions for the global problems.


Russian Spy Agent exposing Paid Media Conspiracy to break India 

Between 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977 under controversial circumstances of political instability, Indira Gandhi’s prime ministership, declared a state of emergency — “the security of India” having been declared “threatened by internal disturbances”.

‘Brezhnev had to be taken on board, and apart from the “internal disturbances’’, the fleet build-up in the Bay of Bengal was also cited to secure the tacit support of the Soviet leadership’.

The book by former KGB defector and his co-author; Indira Gandhi, was codenamed VANO by the KGB. By 1973, the KGB had 10 Indian newspapers on its payroll. During 1975, a total of 10.6 million roubles was spent in India designed to support Mrs Gandhi and undermine her political opponents.

India was getting almost all its arms from Moscow in the early ’70s, as then Delhi’s KGB head Shebarshin noted in the files, “in an endless stream”. Oleg Kalugin, former KGB agent says, “It seemed like the entire country was for sale: the KGB and the CIA had deeply penetrated the Indian government.”

The former KGB agents may exaggerate, but Cold War International History Project in Washington also detailed the KGB penetration in India.–during-cold-war/1/192955.html

Let MRS Gandhi speak, 1978, though questions asked

Dr Kiran Bedi started introducing yoga and meditation in Indian prisons since 1993 in order to inculcate spirituality and human values amongst the convicts and the staff.

Prout’s economic principles
Thoughts of PR Sarkar – Industry in PROUT;
Proutist Song, Take Them Down;
Ravi Batra, revolution in 2016 in US at 5.30; Career Politicians and Fury in America;

Info Prout;

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My Friends Tell About ETs Including The Nasties

I have met recently some of my old friends and heard their interesting experiences about UFOs and ETs. Most of the ETs are helping now humanity, but there are also some still trying to control and absorb energy from us. One woman friend have had couple of years now constant visitations by aliens. Some of them seem to be friendly, who disappear when she turns away for a while in order to get them to leave as she doesn’t want to talk or get involved with them. Some are more ugly looking and she has more difficulties to get rid of these nasty ones.

When she told about this to me, I told her about regressive hypnotist Calogero Grifasi. My friend found many similarities to those experiences by Calogero’s cases, like seeing mostly only the faces of aliens, sometimes also bodies, shifting to different form, strange feelings in her own body and falling asleep with collapsing feeling.
Calogero knows how to deal with nasty reptilians, insectoids and spirits commonly. He advices the victims just to order the aliens to go away and to take their (dimentional) implants with them, which they have often planted on the victims. Sometimes he shows to reptilians how to go to the light and absorb energy from there that they don’t need to take it from humans. Other psychics also say they have to leave if you say so. I just advised my friend to order the nasties to go away from disturbing her, and take their possessions with them. So far I have not heard how she is doing now.

Here one recent example of Calogero’s videos with short description if you are not able to watch it; Confused professor Roberto requests help from hypnotist Calogero, as he has difficulties with his teaching job. Roberto has suspicion that his contact ETs have something to do with his problems. Calogero finds out that in two cases those ETs have taken samples and set implants into his body. Calogero asks Roberto to demand those ETs to remove the implants.

Calogero also tries to find out if the third contact case was for real; that the ET Amora was helping Roberto, or was this ET also just taking energy from him. Often ETs just pretend to be helpers. Seems Amora is for real and has been helping Roberto with meditation and book writing. 1203_EN_ Roberto, UFO sighting/abduction – Regressive hypnosis Calogero Grifasi; Related; Italian woman reptilian foetus, disturbing case;

Another of my friends, almost 80 years old, told me that when she was in S-Korea her high official father was involved with UFO briefing organized by American military. He arranged permission for his daughter to attend as well. They were showing videos about UFOs flying and landing. Besides they had an exhibition about pictures of ETs, and materials found belonging to them. She has already forgotten some details about it, as this happened in seventies or eighties. ………………..

On 13 th August one UFO appeared near our house on the sky. I didn’t see it, but my neighbor took video clip about it from long distance, which shows the tiny UFO flashing red light and then suddenly disappairing. Sometimes they appear to others instead of the one summoning them – as I was doing – may be that was the case!!! I got the video from the neighbor, but I didn’t manage to embed it here.

 Here another recent UFO over Poland, you may want to see it

One more from Poland Strange flashing UFOs Over Baltic Sea;

Arcturian ET Walking and Channeling; Yahuel ETs are working on the first contact, Russia is considered the place, but not sure. Positive Reptilians are now in contact to Hollywood, with positive influence. Hillary is in bad shape with her health, but no problem they will just put her clone to do the job. Economics going up and down. More attacks now on light workers as the evils are doing all what they can to try to stop advancing disclosure.

ETs about Mass arrest, Global political situation briefly (he states that you make the final decisions, so nobody can tell the future for sure); Elites fighting each other. Russia in best position. America not in good shape, but alien influence uplifting. Global mess. N and S Korea peace making efforts.

Mass arrest of cabal -theory was for money making. May be in January, but those on very top will not get arrested, so possible open socialist dictatorship will follow. If the shadow people would be removed totally, then only socialist system and world government could be positive.

In Australia cabal already on run. Gun’s take-away in US, possible if major financial nod down happens, but we don’t see that soon. No economic unrest in China. In Europe people are more awakened.

After mass arrest financial currency reset, but they have couple other plans too. Asset based financial system back, with gold and silver. Financial level down throughout the planet. Hyperinflation, but welfare systems will increase. Full financial reset may take 20 years. US will pay back to East.

More community, bartering in the future. Prosperity funds, debt wipe outs, stock market removal, new technologies. Better clean agriculture. More people join spiritual community, egoistic people also. Love each other, no secrets amongst each other. Exopolitics to be cleaned up, esp MUFON misleading. See more (language confusing for me),

A bit advices from other ETs; Don’t worry about financial situation, in next couple of months changes in political system. There are starting to come more alien music and songs, positive reptilians are working on it. Be positive, send love and light to your enemies. Meditation makes more positive. Connect to nature, try to help mother earth.

Hank Jones, QHHT, ET source; Those who are born now are reincarnating back with full memory who they are, where they are going etc. Twin flames means they were created at same time, and soul mates decided to come as a group to work here. Those with Rh negative blood have problems with reproduction, because Anunnaki did genetic experiments and caused some uncontrolled mutations. Royal bloodline in UK was created by reptilians manipulating DNA.

Ghosts are people who have died, and stay on earth plane. They are not often able to control their energy and seem to be aggressive, but there is nothing evil on them. When we ascend we will be living longer and become mediums. We can heal our bodies, but oxygen makes old eventually.
They have not managed to reduce human population, but keep us in lower vibration. We should suggest how to deal with chemtrails, vaccinations etc to others; See more interesting things;

Many, many lightning like orbs often show up in Hank’s videos. ETs want to prove that they are present

Excerpt from Corey Goode’s recent article, better than science fiction? He did a trip to the Ancient Builder Race (ABR) outpost on Venus and Saturn with Karee, from underworld. In Venus 14-foot being with white skin and clothes appeared before Corey. This “Sentinel” reached into his mind and loaded a massive zip file, and he was not given password to unlock its contents. In Saturn he also received a repository of ABR data for the future. He has used a lot of time trying to access the info.

Message From Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak; Part of our work is to teach how to die. According your beliefs you will go where it takes you. France will expose human history. Malta connects to ancient Atlantean tunnel. Wars due to portals, artefact research on earth;

The Cosmic ideal shall strengthen humanity to smash the bondages and domestic fissiparous tendencies together with these principles: No individual should be allowed to accumulate physical wealth without approval of the collective body. There should be rational distribution of all physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of the universe. There should be maximum utilization of physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of individuals and human society. There should be a proper adjustment between all these utilizations according time, space and person, with progressive nature. Briefly from P. R Sarkar.

Crop circle with Swastika, important ancient symbol. Literally means, “good existence”; symbol of permanent victory. (Explained by Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti in West Berlin, 17 May 1979.)


 More crop circles on


Leaked video of Russian soldiers sent to contact with Large Black UFO !!! Aug 2016 Video; Russian military experts claim to know how to “summon” UFOs. Some former Soviet military officials have recently decided to lift the veil on UFOs. Article;

Alien UFO Making Crop Circles; UFO orbs in Ansty Crop Formation: August 13th

Aug 24 video about 13 UFO Crash Sites around the world.
Weird video from 1964 spreading in the net, interview with alien;

Blast finds always the most fake looking UFOs;
Sun stereo huge ufos Aug 28;
Thirdphaseofmoon, Canada UFO morphing, with drone;

Huge UFO WRECK discovered in Scotland !!! August 2016;–NU
Some strange man tries to Land his Plane at AREA 51, Art Bell talks with him while he is flying, before he is shot down??? Bell & Maj. Dames – Remote Viewing the Roswell Crash;

Do your own part on disclosure!

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No More Depression – It’s Time for Awakening

Depression is a common problem, especially in Western countries mainly due to high intellectuality and lack of spirituality. Human being is not only physical and psychic being, but also spiritual. If one is lacking or suppressing any of these aspects, one may loose balance and often it leads into depression. There are many more reasons for depression; addictions, negative company, poverty, bodily or psychic defects, traumas and karma. Depression can be a deathly serious thing, but let’s start a bit jokingly – there might be some truth what Shrii Ravi Shankar says

And Sadhguru to Depressed people (here just shortly); The most important thing in your life is that you are alive – the life itself. Not family, money or what ever rubbish you have built around you. All those may seem meaningful, but when your mind stops functioning (in death), none of those mean anymore anything for you. Commonly; fundamental things are forgotten.

If you are capable of causing depression for yourself, it means you are able to generate substantial amount of emotions and thoughts, but in wrong direction, which works against you – not for you. If you don’t have strong emotions, you can’t be depressed. Most depression cases are self created. See more;

One more saint who claims that you are not depressed. He is right you are eternal spirit and depression is the cloud cover that hangs around – and it is true when you progress spiritually, you may still get occasionally depressed, but you take it like a tool for learning

Loneliness that often accompanies depressive state either makes one “crazy or saint”. Being alone forces us into internal thinking, which can lead us either to endless self criticism, or open up for self acceptance and spirituality. We are actually never alone, we are observed and loved by creator, spirit helpers, ETs, insects, flowers, trees etc. We may try to convince ourselves about it and keep it in our mind constantly. Let’s make friendship with spiders!!! Talk to flowers, hug the trees! Take challenges! We can even experience loneliness as a blessing; talking alone with God may feel alarming for someone as it is often a signal of craziness, but no – keep on talking and expressing love towards your creator, and he will shovel ten times more love on you!

We all have many spirit guides ready to help us if we just ask them. They will not help too much to make one invalid, but just enough to keep us going on. We should remember if one has to go into bottom, it is for the learning sake, and to see that there is nothing left to fear about – and it also helps us to give up worldly attachments. In the bottom it is just question how to find the uplifting force. Something should spark up ones interest. When one is lacking spiritual inspiration, best way to increase it is to do research on it, start meditate and besides do service. What I have noticed, many depressed people are actually more capable of evolving spiritually than those with easy lives.

Service to others can change our life totally. If you are not able to do much still you can always do something, collect garbage from forest, chat with good intention on net, feed animals, astral travel in your dreams to help others, and if nothing else send loving thoughts to your best enemies. Do service secretly, so you don’t create big ego or become slave of someone who knows how to manipulate you to help more and more. After some time of selfless service, something usually changes dramatically in our lives.

The universal consciousness is love, peace and happiness. If our inner spirit is connected into it, we will get inspiration and have internal happiness even if externally things seem crappy. Searching the purpose of life can be good hobby. Internet is full of possibilities for research – quantum healing, past life regressions, near death experiences, reincarnating yogies etc.

Suicide is not any solution, because in the next life one is going to face the same situation. And you may want to see the mass awakening in this life before you go! Here comes Erik who shot himself, but ended up into heaven, and is now happily helping many, especially suicidal people, to understand better their life and situation. Many of those videos are amazing although Erik and his heavenly friends are surely not all knowing. Recent video is about chronic boredom actually, but related to depression

Meditation practise can be very simple, best is to concentrate on universal love. Love towards some person can be expanded into embracing the entire universe. You may have noticed if you love someone, you also love more easily other people. Here simple visualization; Concentrate first feeling love towards one human being…now imagine that you love also nearest people around… then expand your love to cover the entire city… entire country… entire earth and whole universe.

Concentrate to feel that love for 10-20 minutes. You may get lost, but start from the beginning again. While concentrating purposely to only one idea, the thoughts become more powerful. Why to concentrate on love? When you think something your mind will remember the same feeling more easily on other times too. This means also commonly to be careful not to engage on negative thinking as it will make you more negative commonly.

As Sadhguru still warns; Try ten minutes every day intense anger towards someone and you will see in three months time you will be insane. Or keep on being depressed and getting attention, and one day you are not able to return from your depression. Give attention to kids when they are healthy and not when they are sick.

Therapies are good only if you take them positive way. “Wifing”, and also excess sexuality keep your mind down as your sex glands deprives your brain from lymph. At present time one has to choose practically if one wants to go up or down. Going up means the path of awakening. …………………………..

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti states (short cut), that depression is common in intellectual societies. ‘In the pure psychic level, defective thoughts prevail in human society, and as a result, an individual or a group of people often try to suppress or oppress others. Due to this type of defective psychology, a vast section of the populace suffers from psychic depression.

Before Parama Puruśa (Cosmic Consiousness) created this universe He saw no-one – He found nobody. And after the creation of the universe He started playing the game of joy and sorrow with created beings just as in a drama. The bhaktas (devotees) declare that Parama Puruśa enjoys playing with His own limbs, hands and legs. Bhaktas are His fingers, hands and legs. And while acting this drama if you take it for real, the fault is yours.

Parama Puruśa is creating and will continue to create: in His drama there will always be new characters; rich, poor, intelligent, foolish, stout, thin, black, white. It is a great play in which everybody wants to play a happy part, but some must play sorrowful parts also, otherwise the drama does not become interesting. Whenever He wants He will call us nearer to Him. This is His Drama. Whoever can remember this, will suffer no sorrow and will not be overwhelmed with happiness either.

Each and every living being exist within Him, and ultimately they will all merge in Him. So no one should belittle oneself. When the drop of water identifies itself with the ocean, then no one will call it a drop any longer – for it has become one with the ocean’.

‘You are never alone and helpless, the force that guides the stars, guides you too!’ And ‘your difficulties can never be greater than your capacity to solve them’.       ……………………

Note, my ideas are just about spiritual side of depression. There are also many common practical advices to ease depression, such as healthy eating habits (vegetables), treating possible physical diseases, inflammations or lack of minerals, that possibly hamper brain or thyroid functioning. Some medications can cause depression as a side effect. Lack of oxygen if sitting always inside, which often results in insomnia – walking and participating at least in something helps. Homoeopathic combination Aur met, Ign, Natr Mur, Puls and Sepia 200 (or 1M), has helped many, if taken once just couple times a week, and repeated every couple of months, but homeopaths can describe more specifically. Much more practical advises you can get from doctors and some here; Lifestyle Changes, veggies; plant-based diet or just Turmeric Lemonade.

Mindfulness; The Synergistic Effects of Meditation + Exercise
Uplifting quotes;

Self acceptance;

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Atlantis Continent Along the Western Coast of Europe

Indian scientist and intuitional researcher P. R. Sarkar, spoke on different occasions about the highly developed culture of Atlantis and stated that ‘Atlantis continent was west of western Europe’. During his European tour on 1979 in Spain, while walking on the seaside, he stated; ‘There are big waves, how is that?’ When nobody knew, he answered himself; ‘Because it is shallow… the Bay of Basque (Bay of Biscay) was originally a part of Atlantis, that’s why it is so shallow.’
‘Atlantis is now underwater, except for parts of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. There should be cultural, geological, zoological and other surveys around the coast of Iberia (Spain and Portugal). Iberia should get economic help for the survey from the UN. (Later he also mentioned, that if there would be European Common Market system, Spain and Portugal would be benefited).

He continued; ‘Physically I come here for the first time, but mentally I have been here before. For Iberia, the past was bright, the present is cloudy, and the future is full of sunshine.’

On another occasion he mentioned; ‘Atlantis was a very vast continent connected with Iberia. Gibraltar was connected with Africa in those days. Due to a very big earthquake Atlantis disappeared and the Sahara Desert appeared. The Sahara was underwater before, and that’s why we can find oil there.’

Here is an example how intuitional Sarkar was, while in Spain walking with his disciples he said; ‘Over 2000 years ago – when the Roman empire was on its pinnacle of glory, they came here to conquer Iberia. A fierce battle was fought.’ He pointed to a concrete slab about 150 meters away: “Perhaps this is the place and that monument commemorates the battle.” (Notice Sarkar never had been before in that place). One listener ran on the slab: “It is true, it is the monument about the Roman battle.” Sarkar didn’t pay any attention to people’s astonishment. Source;, and notes by Acarya Manavendrananda

Sarkar interconnected also Scandinavia with Atlantean culture. Some Finnish psychic scholars link the birth of mystic Kalevala folklore to the time of Atlantis. A mysterious device called Sampo was used to produce supernatural powers, to materialise things etc. Like in Atlantis in this mythology there was a war between good and bad forces, which ended up to the destruction of Sampo.

According Heather Pringle’s book, The Master Plan, Hitler’s Ahnenerbe institute sent German scholars to discover the roots of the Aryan race to Scandinavia. Icelandic and Norwegian Edda and Finnish Kalevala legends were popular in Nazi circles, and belief that the Nordic race had evolved before founding a civilisation of the Atlantis – in the North Atlantic.

Shortly, Atlantis on Google Earth with Beautiful, Inspiring Song!

West from Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) and Marocco on Atlantic Ocean, is the probable location of Atlantis by many researchers. The Smithsonian Institution has done profound research on Atlantis. Danny Wilten and Manly P. Hall are sure that Atlantis continent was on Atlantic Ocean including Azores area. On 2015 Wilten made short video about Atlantis map and cover up;

The scientific evidence by The Smithsonian Institution is presented in a longer video; Google cover up of Atlantis. Two days after Wilten posted a video on Youtube about possible Atlantis images under ocean, Google covered them up!

Atlantis with Rivers, on Google Earth with Powerfull Music!

Author Graham Hancock and scholar Randall Carlson talk about the Azores Islands as a probable location for Atlantis at 57:34; A sailor in Azores found 16 meter high pyramid in 2013. Other structures has been found in 2015. Media is not interested.

Edward Forbes 1815-54, geological society, London, was one of the first in 1946 linking Ireland, the Azores and Iberian Peninsula with Atlantis. Greek Professor supports Iberia – Atlantis connection.

New research about Atlantis; Expedition 357 aims to investigate the serpentinization (rock converted to group of minerals) and the biosphere interaction within the active hydrothermal system. The 31 scientists conducting the research on Mid-Atlantic Ridge are from 13 different countries;                 ……………………

The Basques, Guals of France, tribes of the Canary and Azores all speak of their origins in sunken Atlantis. Alien interaction in the Basque culture, ‘The Bill Cooper Briefing’. Was Basque Atlantean race, asks ‘The Luminous Lodge’. The extinct Iberian language is related to Basque. . Source:

Professor Oppenheimer at Oxford University; British and Irish ancestors were Basques, not Celts, Prospect Magazine. They were Ice Age refugees from Atlantis, as also the Berbers, Iberians, Mauritanians, Lusitanians and Aquitanians.

Thirdphaseofmoon, Icelandic Atlantis


Edgar Cayce stated that Atlantis reached from Spain to Bimini, size of Europe and Asia. Flood of Noah was result of the sinking Atlantis. Atlantean “evil” faction was “Sons of Belial” and “good” faction, the “Sons of the Law of One”.  Atlanteans fled the final destruction prior to 10,000 B.C. DNA Analysis Confirms Cayce.  

Recent channeled interview of Nostradamus: Atlantis will be rediscovered. They have already discovered a part of it hidden under the ground of an ocean and it will be pushed back up. It is very large. A lot of very advanced technology will be discovered.

More from Channeling Erik; Atlantis was a large island. Underneath, there was a lot of fault lines, land literally fell apart. Atlanteans had served their purpose to stay on earth. Most were vegans and some did not need to eat. There was no laws. The way they ran the society was very unique and had infinite energy source. Some Atlanteans spread throughout the planet to help cultivate humanity and to send it on a new path of evolution.

Courtney Brown, Remote viewing Atlantis. Government map on Google earth shows under the sea the city of Atlantis, west of Marocco, near Spain. Remote viewer Dig Algiere sees that people used electricity created by fission-fusion. Drilling with high technology deep into ground on the other side of earth caused a catastrophic explosion, which destroyed Atlantis with “tsunami”. Almost all people died.

Princess remote views pyramid structures without top. Strange highly advanced energies used. Reason for destruction of Atlantis was that a science lab exploded. A cloud was covering half of the earth; land masses fell off, water rushing like tsunami. Only a few thousand people survived. Video concludes; we must learn from the past.

Past life in Atlantis, which was a Tropical Continent. The eastern part was off the coast of Spain and Africa – and the western part extending to N-America, Bimini. Atlantis was a civilization/society with high-technology & high spirituality. It was destroyed by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and – over one hundred meters high tidal wave. Some Western Europeans, Ancient Egyptians and ETs are Atlantean people,


In Plato‘s dialogues 360 B.C, Critias claims that Atlantis was swallowed by the sea about 9,200 years ago, “in front of” the Pillars of Hercules and facing modern Gades or Gadira (Gadiron),

Several Atlantis-researchers see Atlantis in Andalusia. Plato was using the word nesos, peninsula – the Iberian peninsula. He wrote that Poseidon bestowed ten districts of Atlantean empire governorship to his sons, which confirms the vastness of Atlantean empire and if 9000 years were moon years…the biblical Ice Age ending circa 1500 b.c. …………….

The Egyptian god Thoth was an Atlantean Priest-King, possibly author of Emerald Tablets in Atlantean language.

The gods of Greece were humans, Atlantean rulers. Mythology tells us that the Titans retreated into the interior of Spain. Titans were: Oceanus, Chronos, and Atlas – all sons of Uranos. Plato says, that Chronos was Atlantean “god”.

“Odyssey”, Greek Homer; When Odyssey goes to the land of Pluto, he “reached the far confines of Oceanus,” beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Chronos was “the harvest-god” was instructing Italians in agriculture and raised them from barbarous condition to ‘Golden Age.’ Plato also told that the Atlanteans extended to Italy. Murray’s “Mythology,” p. 32, 38. (Ibid. p. 47).

Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, was first to train horses. Plato also tells about Atlantic race-courses. Poseidon helped to build the walls of Troy and founded Athens – named after his niece Athena. …………

Some videos and books; Many places ruins found, as proof between Spain and Bahamas; Atlantis, Golden Ages’. Lot of info about Atlantis;

The best seller that started the Atlantis craze. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World; [1882];

Discovery Channel Documentary HD 2015;
Shirley MacLaine Past Life In Atlantis;
Some speculations on megaliths;
Plato video:
Dunbavin; Atlantis was large island in the Irish Sea ab 3100 BC.
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