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Barter Trade is Common in Other Planets

The magic of money has controlled the world and humans in big ways. It has made the rich to accumulate money up to the point of greediness becoming a mental disease. The less fortunate poor struggle with loans, shopping mania, slavery and hunger. With the words of Indian scientist P.R. Sarkar, “the intrinsic demonic greed of banks has been allowed to jeopardize the life of common people.” Humanity can’t be free unless the spell of money has lost its glimmering in the eyes of human beings.
In many other planets sharing and bartering is common, and use of money rare. Barter trade means that one can offer something else than money in exchange, such as goods and services. It can be done between nations as well as individually. Those more developed ET beings are no more prisoners of material wealth. For example as they have free energy everybody gets what they need, and telepathy reduces even need for physical communication.
Not all of them though, as well as humans, are positive beings, some use their technologies for disturbing and conquering other planets too. The most highly developed beings use neither technology nor any material things. They have capacity to move and act in astral.
These things are becoming more known due to increasing disclosure, although many whistle blowers, secret space program workers, channelers, contactees etc (few of them to mention Simon Parkes, Michael Salla, Steven Greer, Corey Goode, Ivan Teller etc) have already decades spoken about how life goes in other planets.
Humanity will progress into the same direction. Also due to economic crises people move naturally more into bartering. They will cooperate more and start collective firms, farms and projects. At the present time there is already increasing trend for bartering not only among individuals like in Greece and Island, but also between nations, for example in Latin America. Soon many more people may end up into bartering in USA, where dollar might loose its value, and in India due to demonetization.
Humans are advancing towards unity and Universalism. Jobs can be arranged for everyone while working hours have and will decrease tremendously due to automation and free energy solutions. Local economies will prosper. Governmental service centers and prisons will become education, therapy and meditation centers
Sarkar has said that PROUT system is common in other planets. The membership of cosmic brotherhood and barter trade by humans with ET races will not be possible until some basic factors are achieved in the earth: a common philosophy of life, a global constitutional structure and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all humans. 
PROUT (The Progressive Utilization Theory) doesn’t abandon money, but bartering often serves people’s needs better than the use of money. Money has to be backed on gold or something valuable, which doesn’t allow fiat “paper printing”. In order to remove black money the abolition of income tax is also recommended and extra tax laid on luxury, polluting and scarce products. 
The value of money increases with its mobility. Banks should keep money rolling by serving their community and local endeavors. Non-profit based cooperative banks should be created for needs of money saving and borrowing. For the currency needs there should be governmental central bank with gold standard. It would prevent speculative bubbles and large-scale inflation. Stock market is only for gaming, thus it doesn’t belong to Prout system at all. At present countries are subject to the whims of international currency speculators which now represents most of the foreign currency transactions. 
Ordinary bartering is less flexible than money use especially in services. One may not want countless car washings while renting a car. Multilateral barter among three or more people is more flexible. Bilateral and multilateral barter trade should be encouraged between countries, in the international economy. Barter trade is not subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and also not subject to economic recessions. 
Countries should have self-sufficiency in the essentials of life. Barter between poor countries with raw materials might be needed in order to procure minimum necessities. Raw materials and essentials should not anyhow be the main trade articles with rich countries, at first hand this barter should include rather surplus, speciality and luxury goods. 

Only that kind of socio-economic system, which guarantees people’s basic necessities, and thus makes it possible for them to grow mentally and spiritually, can be termed as truly progressive. - PROUT in a Nutshell, P R Sarkar. A Few Problems Solved, P.R. Sarkar.

The Five Fundamentals of PROUT full Movie

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pioneered barter trade, signing bilateral barter agreements with developing countries, swapping Venezuelan oil for other products or services the country needed, including 50,000 Cuban doctors and dentists who provide free medical care in city slums and remote rural villages of Venezuela.
On June 1, 2003, Proutist Acarya Maheshvarananda was invited to give his book to Chavez on his weekly television show. Ac Maheshvarananda told Chavez about the words of PR Sarkar in his 1979 visit to Caracas, in which he said, “Venezuela needs good spiritual political leaders. If Venezuela can produce spiritual political leaders, it will not only be the leader of Latin America, it will also be the leader of the planet. Venezuela is a blessed country.”
President Chavez replied to Ac Maheshvarananda, “Your visit has come at such an opportune moment…. Thank you very much, brother, and let’s continue with spirituality, spirit, good faith, morality, and the mystical force that moves the world... This (Bolivarian revolution) has attracted the attention of the whole world, especially those that struggle and dream of a better world, just as it says in After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World (book by Ac Maheshvarananda)”.

Here Chavez discussing with Ac Maheshvarananda

Ac Maheshvarananda states; Of course there are problems in Venezuela; a couple of them are very serious. Corruption and crime hurt everyone. Their causes are many; to solve these problems requires the help of all the people – for this a major consciousness-raising campaign is required in every level of education, through the mass media and in every government office.
Whether present president Maduro fits into Sarkar’s description of spiritual leader... He just reshuffled his cabinet amid a deepening recession, naming new vice president and his sixth new economy minister in three years.
Lets see if Venezuela will ever rise up.
Dr Shambhushivananda Advocates Prout, Economics of Prout: Economic Democracy in Practice, Short Prout's economic principles,
Barter and Trade in A Post Colonial Scenario;

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Gandhi's Non-Violent Racism

It is not possible to transform the exploiters through passive (non-violence) movement. If a goat tries to persuade a tiger, won’t the tiger eat the goat? If persuasion fails, then one should “protect the virtuous and punish the wicked.” This is what Indian researcher and intuitional scientist P R Sarkar stated concerning Gandhi’s non-violence practice. Although Ahimsa means not to cause harm to any living being, but naturally one has to defend oneself and others, even just for the sake of survival, according Sarkar.

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who is almost as well known as Gandhi in India, didn’t also seem to think non-violence was the best solution. According Dr Ambedkar the independence of India wasn’t result of Gandhi’s actions. Rather it was Subhash Chandra Bose, Netaji, who influenced the loyalty of Indian soldiers in British army – and on the other hand the British soldiers just wanted to go back to their civil jobs.

Dr Ambedkar didn’t either consider Gandhi as a Mahatma, “great-soul”. He stated that Gandhi was a deceiver over the caste matters. Dr Ambedkar was an untouchable himself, fighting for lower caste rights. He started the Indian Independent Labor Party, and was the architect of Indian Constitution.

More from Dr Ambedkar, clear BBC Interview 1955

Sarkar had similar opinion that the independence in India was reached rather due to young students and Subhas Chandra Bose, Netaji, who aroused the fighting spirit and forced the British to leave. Sarkar acknowledges that Mahatma Gandhi awakened mass consciousness, but he did not channelize this along the path of struggle and even opposed Subhash´s economic-freedom movement.

Sarkar believed that if Gandhi had chosen the struggle for economic independence, it would have led to mass revolution and to appearance of new young dynamic leaders. Obviously the old Muslim and Hindu leaders did not want this, and they were also benefiting from the exploitative capitalism. Besides the British warned the Muslims if they quit India, the majority, the Hindus, would take over the government. (British “divide and rule” policy).

As a friend and spiritual teacher of Subhash, Sarkar saw that Subhash never allowed the difference between himself and Gandhi to interfere in their personal relationship. Gandhi also did not allow this to happen, but after all Subhash had to leave the country – partly due to some Congress leaders exploiting the situation.

India’s partition into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh was due to Gandhi’s party leaders pressing him for provincial autonomy as there was scope for attaining new ministerships. Gandhi also paid fifty crores of rupees to the threatening Pakistan government, against the interests of Indian people.

Gandhi was hypocrite, walking half naked around in order to gain poor people’s votes, but in reality he was working for British and rich capitalists like Tata and Birla. Although Sarkar concludes that the philosophy of Gandhi died before India’s independence and before Gandhi himself died – the long passivity brought common language English and anti-British sentiment, which both united India as one nation. Source, Sarkar’s books and interview. confirms, Gandhi started a “fast unto death” in 1932, in order to protest British support for the new Indian constitution (made by Dr. Ambdekar), which gave the country’s “untouchables” own political representation.

Dr Ambedkar was not alone either with his claims about Gandhi’s racism. South African researchers Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed spent seven years exploring Gandhi’s life in their country from 1893 to 1914. Gandhi campaigned exclusively only for the rights of Indian people there. He declared power should remain in white hands, and he even called black Africans with a derogatory term kaffirs. Gandhi believed in the Aryan brotherhood. To that extent he was a racist.

At the age of 77 Gandhi used to sleep naked with his 18-year-old grandniece Manu. “We both may be killed by the Muslims,” he told her, “and must put our purity to the ultimate test, so that we know that we are offering the purest of sacrifices, and we should now both start sleeping naked.” Rita Banerjee, an Indian writer: ‘Most angering for me, was reading about the emotional trauma of the girls and women who he used for his experiments… repeatedly described as depressed and weeping.’

According to the independent India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Gandhi’s pronouncements on sex were “abnormal and unnatural” and “can only lead to frustration, inhibition, neurosis, and all manner of physical and nervous ills… I do not know why he is so obsessed by this problem of sex’.

Dailypakistan just wrote 6.1.2016 about Gandhi’s weird celibacy and possible gay relation, British Dailymail also speculated on Gandhi’s gay relationship, but that might be just hear say with no real evidence. Anyhow Indian government has spent huge loads of money to track Gandhi’s countless letters, and obviously hiding some of them, DA.

Dailymail; In England 2013, a scheduled auction of Gandhi’s letters to Hermann Kallenbach, was called off as Indian authorities purchased in advance the entire archive for £700,000. Kallenbach lived with Gandhi in South Africa in 1904. Joseph Lelyveld book reveals, Gandhi left his wife in 1908 after having four children together, so that he could be with Kallenbach. Gandhi’s oldest son Harilal wrote after his father returned to India; ‘Father is becoming more and more awful’.

Interesting analyses of Mahadma Gandhi by Stefan Molyneux. (Although naturally I don’t support all of Stefan’s claims, but he has done his research, DA). If there was no Gandhi then India could have got freedom 25 years earlier. Gandhi is celebrated as a peaceful freedom fighter… But what is The Truth About Gandhi, Freedomain Radio,

Gandhi in history 

Jan 26, 1930: Gandhi Declared Independence of India.
May 1931: Gandhi arrested for violating the Salt Laws (only British could produce salt).
Autumn 1931: Gandhi participates in the Round Table Conference in UK.
Sept 20-25, 1932: Gandhi fasts in prison due to British support for “untouchables” rights.
March 22, 1942: Sir Cripps, suggests Dominion status (India’s autonomy within UK).
Aug 8, 1942: The Indian National Congress rejects the Cripps proposal.
Aug 1942: Congress leaders arrested; Gandhi imprisoned.
20 days in 1943 and in1944: Gandhi imprisoned fasts to protest British rule.
May 1946: British proposal of Indian state without partition; Muslims reject it.
March 1947: Lord Mountbatten hammers independence and partition, Aug 1947 official.
Aug-Dec1948: India in chaos, as Hindus and Muslims exchanged in India and Pakistan.
Jan 30, 1948: Gandhi assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

Gandhi had on his wall pictures of monkeys with covered eyes, mouth and ears, and he used to teach through those monkeys the non-violence philosophy; not to speak, or hear, to be blind. I heard of Sarkar having also said that in his next life Gandhi will become a monkey in African jungle! Whether the story is true or not, but I was surprised when I just listened presumably Gandhi channeled, who states about his future incarnation on earth: “My role on the Earth will be the same as who I was. It will be between animal and man!!!” What might he mean with that, or did the channeler just miss it. Gandhi still also believes in non-violence, and much more Channeling Gandhi.

Today we are facing many situations where the so called PTW still try to defeat us with all possible means. Defending oneself and others needs certainly sometimes hard tactics, but we shouldn’t become neither haters nor martyrs. What comes to Jesus telling turn the other cheek, I have to wander did he say it to only in certain situation and for certain people, or did he mean it for all and in any situations? DA

PM Modi on 2.1.2017, gave the biggest tribute to Dr Ambedkar: Even in New York on 21.12.2016, there was Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration! Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was voted in 2012 to be The Greatest Indian since 1947, US President Obama on Dr B R Ambedkar about five years ago,

Historian Patrick French “Gandhi’s blanking of Africans is the black hole at the heart of his saintly mythology”. And 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Kaffirs as he called the Black People.

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Netajii, Subhash Chandra Bose never die...
Indira Gandhi Jailed a Guru and Declared Emergency...

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Was Shri Krishna of Dwarka, Butter Thief and Charioteer of Vimanas ?

Indian archaeologists excavating in 2001 in Gujarat, found two submerged cities said to be Krishna’s Dwarka. Many Indians are questioning why the excavation project was suddenly stopped by the Government. Some believe it was effort to cover up the Vimana space crafts that Krishna was believed to have in use – or part of common global cover up of unknown human history – but more likely the halt was simply caused by conflicting religious beliefs and political issues.

The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) findings seem to be remarkable piece of proof, that Krishna and Mahabharata war were based on reality. Some of the found structures are from Krishna’s time about 1600 – 1400 BC, but much more older are also found. The NIOT team concluded that Dwarka was a port city with jetty area for boats. The findings,;jsessionid=4ACC2B720E860404534E75F9F3C5E253?sequence=1.

Astronomical Evidence - In the Mahabharata there are references to sequential solar and lunar eclipses. Dr. R.N.Iyengar, at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore searched for the compatible dates by planetarium software (PVIS and EZC). He concluded that most of the eclipses and celestial observations related to Mahabharata references, belong to the period 1493 BC – 1443 BC. (Indian Journal of History of Science/38.2/2003/77-115). Much more, also about excavation,

Cover up of Dwarka, with vimanas and everything: Excavation of Dwarka was abruptly stopped. Amish Shah from USA traveled to India to investigate why. Most of his efforts to approach the officials were refused. Eventually KC Norial, director of Archeological survey of India, explained just natural reasons for sudden halt on the research – while researcher K Christa convinced him to bring the matter into daylight, so that the excavation would be pressurized to continue. Amish asks; ‘Did Dwarka possess futuristic flying machines?’ Shortly,

What comes to this video, according Indian researcher and intuitional scientist P R Sarkar, there was no vimanas used during Mahabharata war. Oral Ramayana stories added to Mahabharata were partly fictional. Another common claim that Krishna stole butter, is also not true, according Sarkar.

Here is shortly his explanation of Krishna’s “butter stealing; Lord Krishna will certainly do what is needed for devotee's spiritual progress. Therefore, He will steal their sins, then He is called a thief, Hari. What happens to the devotees after their sins are stolen? Their minds move upwards – the crude portion of the mind becoming increasingly subtle. Take the case of cream: when churned, its essence (butter) is separated from the non-essential whey. Similarly, once the sins are stolen the real essence of the mind, atman, is separated from the mind. That is why Hari is nicknamed the “butter thief”. Take it for granted that Krishna never stole butter from the milkmaids’ houses. – Sarkar, Kalikata 1979.

Beautiful devotional song about Krishna, Tum Ho Mere Krishna


Sarkar about Mahabharata which means “Great India”. The Mahagharata name is used for a war campaign guided by Lord Krishna around 1500 bc to unify India. India at that time was fragmented into a large number of small fighting kingdoms due to personal greed and the imperialistic aggression of the rulers. India was a vast stretch of land from China and Siberia on the north, to the Indian ocean on the south; and from the Mediterranean Sea on the west, to Japan on the east.

Sarkar about Krishna

Krishna was born in Kansa’s prison in Mathura on a night shaken with fearsome thunderclaps, when the historic exchange of children took place. One of Kansa’s intelligence agents opened the jail gates. The people of Gokula were all mysteriously asleep, thus facilitating the safe escape of the baby Krishna. – Sarkar 1981, Calcutta.

Mother tongue of Krishna was Shaorasenii Prakrta, but he spoke also sanskrit. His father, Vasudeva was a superintendent of jails in Mathura. Uncle, Maharshi Garga, noticed Krishna’s extraordinary qualities, and named him “Krishna”. In some portions of India there was patrilinear order, while matrilinear order was in other portions.

Krishna was Taraka Brahma (the liberator), and Mahakaola. The kaola raises his own kulakunndalinii, through his or her sadhana, but the Mahakaola has the power to raise the kulakundalinii of others also, if He so desires. In order to be an ideal guru in the spiritual sphere, one must be thoroughly conversant with every aspect of sadhana and also possess the capacity to teach those practices to others. The Mahakaola alone has this capacity, no one else.

Sarkar about Khrishna’s mission

According to natural law, the movement of the world from crude to subtle is accompanied by clash between good and evil. During this period, good people sometimes get exhausted by the dominance of the dishonest. A special force from Parama Purusa becomes a necessity, as human beings do not have the power to deal it. Thus Shiva came 7000 years ago, similarly 3500 years ago Lord Krishna came as Taraka Brahma to liberate.

According Giita Shrii Krishna says: ‘I incarnate Myself in this world from age to age for the protection of the virtuous, the destruction of the wicked, and the restoration of dharma.’ Lord Shiva, the original provider of Tantra, devoted much of His time to building a strong foundation for spirituality, while Lord Krishna was the first to attempt to build a strong society. Today, the combined power of both will help in building a healthy human society. – Sarkar 1960.

Krishna thought; ‘coordinated cooperation among the kingdoms, would bring stability to socio-economic life and improvement in the moral standard, enabling people to progress spiritually’. Shrii Krishna would unify India, so that this united, righteous and strong India, might act as the model guiding light for humanity as a whole.

But whenever a novel ideology catches the imagination of people, the society gets polarized. This was exactly what happened when Krishna appeared on the scene, but eventually he was successful in creating a great unified India.

Krishna never preached the message of renunciation. His life was the antithesis of this escapist philosophy. He advised the people: You should solve all your mundane problems collectively while directing your minds towards subtler spheres. You are to look to the welfare of all. You should develop yourselves in the physical, psychic and spiritual planes while maintaining proper adjustment among those.

Arjuna and the Pandavas were Krishnas devotees, and Kansa, Putana Raksasi, Bakasur, Duryodhana, Aghasur and the Kaoravas were His formidable foes. On the one side those who were ever ready to lay down their lives for His mission and ideology, and on the other side those so hostile that they could not even tolerate His existence.                ………………………

It is not possible to judge Krishna’s fight against evil forces from the perspective of the present age. The life of Lord Krishna justifies His practical approaches. I shall put forth a few out of many examples.

Jarasandha would attack the Shurasena’s capital Mathura. Krishna shifted His capital from Mathura to Dwaraka. Dwaraka was across the desert of Rajasthan and the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. The enemy soldiers were not able to cross the desert or jungle or fight there. Hence, Jarasandha stopped attacking.

Another example of Lord Krishna’s practical approach; the Aryans of that time in the Delhi area were called Jatrii Ksatriya. The other group of people Abhiira Ksatriya usually fought against the Jat people. Both were good people, but because of some misunderstanding, they were fighting. Krishna thought, if He united these two, it would be more easy for Him to bring about Great India. He got His elder sister, Subhadra, Abhiira Ksatriya, to marry Arjuna, Jatrii Ksatriya. This He did with a view to make the Jatrii Ksatriyas and the Abhiira Ksatriyas stop fighting.

Let’s take one more instance. Krishna asked Yudhisthira on the battlefield to say, “Ashvatthama has been killed.” So it was uttered very loudly, and enemy Dronacarya heard it, became senseless (due to believing he lost his brother Ashvatthama, but the one killed was just elephant)….and Dronacarya was killed. You may take it to be something against morality, but you know that if the soldiers of two countries fight, the civilian population will also be killed. Here, the greater cause in this case was to save the common people. Krishna never went against the main principles of morality.

Kuruksetra war

Gandhari was an Afghan lady from Kandahara. Afghanistan was then within India. Before marriage, when Gandhari learned that her would-be husband was blind, she covered her eyes with a cloth. “If my husband is unable to see the world, then why should I?” What a tremendous moral force she had!

Mahabharata war turned Kuruksetra into a burial ground. Due to moral and righteous reasons Pandavas had to kill Gandhari’s sons, the Kaoravas. All wept profusely. Krishna said to Gandhari, ‘The war was inevitable for the preservation of righteousness and the destruction of sin.’ To this Gandhari said, ‘Krishna, you are Taraka Brahma. If you had wanted, you would have changed their minds without a fight.’

Krishna said; It is true that Parama Purusa could do everything without creating this world. But the drama of the Kuruksetra war was to teach the common people that ultimately dharma always triumphs over adharma [injustice]. Hence, the battle of Kuruksetra had to be conceived and dramatized. You, being an intelligent lady, certainly understand this.’ – Sarkar 1967.

Medical science at Mahabharata time

There was ayurveda, vaedyaka shástra, mesmerism and surgery. Homeopathy, “samah samam shamayati”, was invented by Lord Krishna. For instance, when the Kaoravas poisoned Bhiima, the experts gave him the same poison in elementary form by injections and he recovered. Jarasandha, Krśńa’s cousin, was thought to be dying after birth. There was a very famous lady doctor known as Jara. She stitched the child in a proper surgical operation and saved him. A lady doctor, Kárkatii Rákśasii was very famous for her mesmeric treatment.

Once Lord Krśńa fell seriously ill. Eminent allopathic and homoeopathic doctors attempted to cure him, but they were unsuccessful. When everything had failed, Krśńa explained, ‘There’s only one remedy. If you bring dust particles from my devotees’ feet I shall be cured.’ Narada was given the duty to travel across the Earth in search for feet dust donor, but nobody wanted to give dust from their feet to Krishna. Only the devotees of Vrindavana were happy to give dust from their feet, which cured Lord Krishna.

Krishna’s practical approach to His own death and his purpose of life

After the immoral Yadavas had finally been destroyed, now old Lord Krishna sat quietly under a tree in Prabhasa Tiirtha. He was sitting in lalita mudra on a stone under a tree, and the lower portion of His feet was reddish. A hunter, Jara, saw something reddish under the tree and took it to be a bird. He shot a poisonous arrow that struck Lord Krishna’s feet. He came in search of his prey and found Lord Krishna instead, whose body started to get bluish because of the poison. The hunter confessed his serious mistake.

Lord Krishna consoled him and said, ‘Had I been you, I might have committed the same mistake. You have not committed this mistake intentionally. You should not be punished either legally or morally. I forgive you.’ Saying this, Lord Krishna left His body. – Sarkar 1967, Ranchi
Krishna left us but He is still dearly loved and will continue to be loved by oppressed, suffering and struggling men and women. The sound of Krishna’s flute has been resonating throughout eternity. One who contemplates on Krishna can immediately hear this sound. – Sarkar 1980, Calcutta.

Some teachings related to Krishna

Lord Krishna has two aspects, the Parthasarathi Krishna is the lord of karma yoga, engaged in the battle against injustice. He wants to take all with Him, no one is insignificant, no one is negligible.

The Vraja Krishna is the devotional, liberating and witnessing aspect of Parama Purusa. He exist to take care of those who had no one of their own; ‘Well, you want to advance. That’s all right, but others must come with you’. The devotional sentiment is the highest and most valuable treasure of humanity. This element of devotion must be preserved most carefully from the onslaughts of materialism.

The word krishna means one who attracts all. For the first time in human history we find Parama Purusa in attractive form, even today Krisna’s flute attracts the devotees. The force of His intense love draws everyone towards Himself. If someone says, ‘No, I won’t go’, that will not do. When attracted self-consciousness merges into Parama Purusa, questions come to an end.

Krishna’s devotees were moving towards oneness with Him, feeling; “You are my everything”. While moving towards any object, it creates particular colour in mind. Today, people’s minds are coloured by the thought of paper currency. While thinking of Krishna, Radha’s entire mind became transformed into Krishna. (Lord Krishna never said that women have no right to attain salvation). Thus Krishna awakened the devotion and spiritual ardour, and as an adult king, the role of Krishna looking upon a chariot played a very significant role in physical fight, in spiritual fight, in all-round fight.

Suppose the enemy attacks and you begin squatting in groups. This sort of approach will not do at all. Go and fight and say to yourselves “Victory to the Lord” – this alone is the practical approach. (Mahadma Gandhi obviously didn’t follow it. DA) ……..

Still, Sarkar has confirmed that fortress Purana Quila in Delhi is from Krishna’s time. According Wikipedia; excavations carried out by Archeologists from ASI at Purana Quila in 1969-1973 unearthed painted grey ware dating 1500 BC. The site was thought to be Indraprastha, the legendary capital of the Pandavas. Until 1913, a village called Indrapat also existed within the fort walls.

Sarkar’s Discourses on the Mahabharata was published in 1969 and in 1981

Videos; The Devotees of Krishna Wedding in Vrindavan; Touching Hare Krishna mantra chanting Mystical version about Dwarka and Shri Krishna, with English subtitles, In the news now, Pakistan Navy Kidnaped 72 Dwarka Fisherman with 12 Boat,

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About the next Taraka Brahma, Mahakaola,
The Future Superpower India and Its Kalki Avatar - Who Came and Left His Mission to be Folded
Shiva’s Impact on Human History – Marriage System 7000 Years Old?

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Disclosure Includes ET-Human Hybrids, but No Fear

I used to be very afraid of the idea possibly seeing an ET. Then once when I went to a closing exhibition where they gave the carved ET heads to those who wanted, I carried one with me to set up on the wall near my bed – so that I could become used to living with an ”ET”. Eventually I started to feel nice about that quiet, telepathic ET being. Since then I have never been anymore afraid of ETs, although sometimes watching late at night some creepy – likely fake – alien videos.

Bridget Nielsen’s Drawings of her Hybrid Children


Bridget tells about hybridization program; ’genetic materials, sperm and human embryos are taken by ETs from humans. Zeta ET race have damaged their planet and become unable to reproduce, so they need human DNA. Humans might be heading to similar future. Bridget was doing healing work, when abductees started coming for healing. Then her own memories started open up. Regression helped to know the rest.
She has now ten hybrid children and she has met them, living in ships. Some 40 mothers with similar experiences are planning to form a new kind of society where these kids can come to live. But not all her experiments are only happy…

More from Bridget

Her latest video, How To Increase ET Contact,
Dec 17, 2016, Barbara Lamb, M.S, MFT, CHT, a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist has regressed more than 1700 people’s ET encounters since 1991; Some of the ETs carry out reproduction programs in order to create hybrids: ET – human beings. Most of these hybrids seem to live their lives on ships or on other planets, but she has met also real hybrids here on earth. These altruistic and benevolent ET-Human hybrids are here to help upgrade the consciousness of humanity by teaching spirituality, offering healing, making bridge between benevolent ETs and humans. Video,

UFO Researcher, Luigi Vendittelli from Canada tells about mysterious birth of hybrid Lisa from France. When Lisa’s mother was pregnant, she was paralysed and saw 2 ETs coming through wall. She heard them talking telepathically about taking her. She convinced the beings to leave her. When she gave birth according doctors only one baby suppose to come, but after a boy, another baby, Lisa, started to come out.

These alien human hybrids feel like they don’t fully belong on Earth. When they look at you, it feels as if they reach deep into your soul. They frequently report dreams of flying and out-of-body experiences that often bring them in contact with their ET origins. As highly intuitive they communicate telepathically and many have O negative blood, like Lisa. Video by Earth Mystery News,

An old story, Helen, Marisa’s mother, tells in her book, Raechels Eyes, and on Coast to Coast. Blind Marisa was studying alone when some Colonel brought her a room mate Raechel. Helen met Raechel and by accident came to see her strange body and big green eyes, with vertical black slits. Colonel told to Helen eventually that he was involved on MJ-12 project, testing how beings from other planets could adjust on earth.

Colonel was first to retrieve crashed UFO’s, that is how Raechel came to earth. Hybridization program was also going on. One day Raechel was killed by agents, but she had left a present for Marisa, a note which healed her sight. Marisa was able to read the note! (Starting in 1998, Helen’s own two years hypnotic regressions revealed her own alien interaction and a connection between her and the Colonel). UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux helped to write the book, 1.12.2016,

Many of the Calogero Grifasis regressive hypnosis sessions are about negative ETs intervening with humans, by stealing energy or reproducing hybrid children. But in every case he says that usually due to fear or gain humans have agreed into contract with these ETs, either voluntarily or due to manipulation. And anyhow humans are always free to cancel these agreements. Obviously the cases who aproach Calogero are mainly those who experience some serious physical or mental problems with interference,

Chela Cooley’s story of ET/reptilian visitation experiences, both negative and positive interactions starting from childhood. Her personality changed due to reptilian DNA alteration, and she learnt to speak reptilian language.

Like most of the contactees this woman has experiences with both kindly and nasty beings – in order to help ET’s genetical experiments. Throughout her life she recalls different kind of contacts with ET beings, but also MILAB experiences,

Researcher; These ETs who abduct humans are thought to be inimical, but in many cases they actually do remarkable healing. Video, Human ET hybrids living among us, ET Ambassadors On Earth,

Dr. Steven Greer 2017 – It s Happened. Long ago humans planned fake ET invasion, but seems only some kind of efforts has been done, and they might try more. But if real ETs wanted to invade us they could have done sinse we were apes. There will never be real ET invasion.

Steven takes groups for summoning ETs. He says, purity of intent needs to be in order to contact or see ETs, not only for curiocity or fun. Meditative state is helpful. These ETs arrange some unexpected experiences, like once scary weapon demonstration. One group saw how UFO went to underground base. Another craft went through solid matter. One group received 5 hours transmissions from space. They are happy to show up.

Steven has had near death experience, and connected with God consciousness. One can go beyond speed of light, astral, or after life and meet passed away people, as well one can see ETs. Through the structural consciousness of mind the entire cosmos is within every one of us, that´s how we can see other dimensions. Steven and others have hidden proof; names, dates etc to secure their lives. They are still waiting what will come out of Keshe´s inventions, has to be repeatable. See much more,, and

Dec 24, 2016, As example Steven thinks the UFO wave in Belgium in 1989 was human created ‘alien invasion’, Documentary, thousand saw the triangular UFOs, also by radars, investigated by air force, police and other officials,

Alien invasion is never going to happen, (not even major fake one by shadowy humans) due to several reasons. As ETs have not done it when we were not having any or less weapons, why they would do it now when we are able to defend at least somehow ourselves? The most advanced ETs could invade us anyhow still just by pressing button, but wars are not on their agenda, rather helping. Many decades ETs have even prevented nuclear weapons going off.

Everything depends on our minds and awareness. We are waking up and becoming more positive, and thus attracting more protectors. Disclosure happens also in individual level, and the hybrid children might be an important part of it, as they are closer to humans for making contact with us.This is just my opinion, DA.

Struggle against evil forces is life. We have to remember this fact once again on this threshold of a happy New Year. – P. R. Sarkar spoke in 1959, but fits still at present time.

Aluna Verse has human looking hybrid child, Meet the hybrids, Mantis, Benevolent Reptilians. Yes there are benevolent reptilians and yes you can meet them,

United Nations speaker admits the use of GMO, hybridized humans amid Syrian coflict, Off planet ETs and controllers of the earth meeting in Antarctica, didn’t go well for elites. He also mentions, earth is only planet which use money, others use barter and trade. In space astronauts grow taller and return after some time to normal! Video,

FBI Investigated Cattle Alien Abductions In Nebraska cow farm, with many cow mutilations in 70s. Derrel Sims, expert on alien abductions. ET Abduction, 10 Bizarre Confirmed Reports Of Alien Abduction. Dec 6, 2016,

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ET Predictions for 2017 and Beyond
Ascending Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Yogi Kids 

maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2016

Homeopathy Worked Better than Antibiotics

We have a male dog which is quite wild being and I have no idea where is its origin. I have just heard it was brought by some villager more than five years ago. First time when I met it four years ago it run away and kept hiding some days, but after some weeks it started to let me to touch. Since then we have become good friends and it loves to try to lick my face especially when I sit for meditation. I just call it "it" in order to protect its identity !!!

Some months ago it started to become sick. It started to whine every time it made stool. The stool itself looked normal for me, so I had no idea what was the problem. I started treatment by giving some homeopathic medicines for the irritated rectum, but no difference. I had to go then for one month travelling and the dog was taken care of someone who either knew what was wrong, but the problem continued. The stool started to come out flat and in small pieces.

When I came back I gave again homeopathic medicines, this time for prolapsed rectum. It helped nothing. Next to try was cancer medicines. Why I didn’t take the dog to veterinary doctor, in order to get diagnoses, was that I thought the dog would become mad if I tried to restrict it, and as well would try to bite the vet doctor. I even tried to put the neck band, but it managed to escape every time when I almost got it tightened.
Anyhow finally when I got translator to help, we went to talk with a vet doctor. He gave antibiotics straight a way and came after two days to see the dog. As he seem to speak some English, I was now alone, and took the dog downstairs next to boiler room, and hoped the vet doctor knows how to get the dog examined. Surprisingly the dog was not barking even, but was curious about him. After some struggle by me to keep it in one place, the vet managed to bind a rope around its nose and head.
During examination I asked him if it is the glands, as now I had finally come across the anal gland problems, that dogs often have. He answered just “hmmm” which could mean anything, he didn’t understand my question, or he didn’t know yet, or he thinks it is the anal glands.

He gave one injection and left me with three more injection files to be given every second day and antibiotics, which I had to continue giving daily. I thought to go this time along with allopathic treatment. Within second day a neighbour came to help me to get the injection done. After that the dog’s glands seem to become more swollen, so much so that one could see them bulging externally. On next day, christmas eve, the dog tried whole day desperately to make stool, but nothing came out. It was now whining constantly quietly even when not trying to make stool. Otherwise also it was very restless and hot.
I gave about 10-15 plums and magnesium powder mixed with sausage as I was thinking if it would get diarrhoea stool would come more easily. Nothing happened so in the evening I finally decided to solve the problem with homeopathics. I gave first three times Belladonna 30 within one hour and it helped a bit as something smelly gas was coming out. The dog became also more relaxed and the heat was gone.

But as still no stool after two hours, I gave Baryta Carbonica and Mur both 30, and still Kali-Iod 30. After about hour I gave same as 200 potencies. I have learned to give easily many medicines in emergency situations, as something might help, and often it is the combination that helps - and the ones not helping doesn’t also cause much harm.
Then the miracle happened the stools started coming out. I could go finally to sleep at four a clock. Today at Christmas day, I took the dog for a walk and he made stool quite easily, although still whining. The anus side don’t look anymore swollen at all, except when he does the stool its sides still bulge out for a while. He is also now more active running after some creatures that seems to live in our hay barn, likely rats. I gave once more Bar c and m and K-iod, and in the evening some Merc, Sulph and Arsenicum, all in 200s. I don’t believe “one medicine at time” policy in every case, although in some clear cases one medicine can do miracles also.

The problem is not yet totally solved, but I hope soon it will be normal again. I have managed most of our dog’s problems with homeopathics. Most difficult is to get the diagnoses done, as I’m not any doctor. Also dogs don’t speak (much) so it makes even more difficult to guess what they feel or experience.

I have no camera myself, but here is very similar looking dog from Ariana Prestes,

If you have a dog, and need to know more about anal gland problems, see this christmas video

Update 3rd Jan; doggie is much better now, but on the other side of anus the gland is still a bit swollen.

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Not Only Bad News, but Good News!


I had forgotten to publish these news, but here comes a bit late, but still fresh

Quantum Santa Claus in the News. Scientists are finally able to explain how Santa Claus manages the Christmas Eve! UK physicist explains; Santa and his reindeer zoom around the world at such a speed that – according to relativity theory – they shrink, enabling Father Christmas to fit down chimneys. Such speed makes him also invisible for kids to see, Read more And Santa Claus caught on video, a real proof he exists!!!       


Finnish VTT scientist Lauri Reuter’s 3D-printed magic pot is growing healthy food from plant cells within a week. According Lauri this home appliance CellPod will offer soon consumers exciting way of producing local food in their own homes, and it will reduce poverty from the world. His team is now researching how to make food from the thin air, similar way than Keshe claims to be producing already.



“I work so that you could be happy” – Putin joking with young people, Zero Hedge makes up story that Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up” – meaning claims of him hacking US presidential election. By the way Putin got solved the territorial dispute with Japan, although he refused to accept their second ‘bribe dog’. The first gift Yume dog was given 2 years earlier, now barking Japanese journalists, ‘She is being a guard dog’ – Putin jokes,

Putin Ranks At Top Of Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people, for the third consecutive year. Donald Trump second, Merkel third and PM Modi ninth.

Trump’s Disciple Suddenly Shows Up In Russia, but Russia sources say he is just on his own business trip. Kanye West seems to have recovered, although confused, after mental hospital trip. Perhaps searching protection from Trump, who advertised Kanye to the press simply: ‘A Good Man’,

Someone comments; but..I thought trump was racist. why would he hug and have a meeting with a black man…jeesh, Then Bill Gates advertises Trump; Trump, the new JFK will unite country through innovation.

While McCain Freaks Out Over Putin & Trump, ( Patrick Bellringer comments Fulford’s claim; (Putin’s clone to be eliminated) ‘Putin, having shown his high standard of ethics, values and morals… We pray for his protection, for he stands today as our world’s greatest statesman…’

Aleppo is free after 5 years of hell, but depends on which side you are, And Let women drive says Saudi prince finally. Michelle Obama Reads stories at Children’s National Medical Center,


Earth dust is cosmic. Tiny particles dating back to the birth of the solar system have been discovered on rooftops in Paris, Oslo and Berlin.

Space X is ready for liftoff again, better luck, Space X wants to speed up Earth with 200 times faster internet,


Avoiding spiritual struggles and existential questions is linked with poorer mental health. And Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits. Even Scientists say time travel is possible, Archangel Michael; reincarnation is going to be hot topic at the beginning of the year, Have We Found The Fifth Force Of Nature?


Buzz Aldrin wants to tell about the moon, Mars, and mysteries of Antarctica. There was a mission (Kerry, Buzz etc) to explore the Antarctic base, recently abandoned by the Nordics. Buzz’s tweet, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself” was warning about the Nordic’s free energy solutions going into the wrong hands. More details, Bill O’Reilly Stepping Down Will Help With Disclousure,


Our cousins, Neanderthals built complex structures and hunted mammoths with tools. Ritualistic signs in findings make scientist to consider, Neanderthals were religious. For example in Uzbekistan, Neanderthal child was buried and encircled by goat horns.

Found 2,000 years old lead tablets about Jesus. According David Elkington, they show that Jesus was not starting a new religion, but restoring ‘a thousand-year-old tradition from the time of King David.’ The researchers write that the samples, ‘does not show radioactivity that is typically seen in modern lead samples’ but shows ‘decay within the metal oxidising and breaking down at atomic level’,

Queen Nefertari’s mummified knees found?…content=202805. As little as 6,000 years ago, the vast Sahara Desert was covered with rainy grassland. (Indian Sarkar has said it was once even under water),


Teenager built Africa’s first-ever private satellite. In May 2017, S-Africa will launch this private satellite into space to monitor shifting weather conditions. This satellite was built by 14 girls, as part of a high school science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) camp.

Norway has 100,000 electric cars on the road, the world’s highest number per capita, which save 200,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Plan is to increase to 400,000 in three years. (more) Solar car powers Your House When It’s Parked,…source=.


Neil Keenan advertises Bio-resonance system. Video One and Video Two. (I have personally gone through several check ups with it in nineteens. It was amazing, as it found even the smallest damage on my elbow, my childhood sicknesses, etc, without me having told in advance anything to the operator. Anyhow he couldn’t give properly the treatments, but it helped me to be able to recover with homeopathics by myself, DA),

Cute Baby Giraffe Born at Iowa Zoo

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