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Atlantis Continent Along the Western Coast of Europe

Indian scientist and intuitional researcher P. R. Sarkar, spoke on different occasions about the highly developed culture of Atlantis and stated that ‘Atlantis continent was west of western Europe’. During his European tour on 1979 in Spain, while walking on the seaside, he stated; ‘There are big waves, how is that?’ When nobody knew, he answered himself; ‘Because it is shallow… the Bay of Basque (Bay of Biscay) was originally a part of Atlantis, that’s why it is so shallow.’
‘Atlantis is now underwater, except for parts of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. There should be cultural, geological, zoological and other surveys around the coast of Iberia (Spain and Portugal). Iberia should get economic help for the survey from the UN. (Later he also mentioned, that if there would be European Common Market system, Spain and Portugal would be benefited).

He continued; ‘Physically I come here for the first time, but mentally I have been here before. For Iberia, the past was bright, the present is cloudy, and the future is full of sunshine.’

On another occasion he mentioned; ‘Atlantis was a very vast continent connected with Iberia. Gibraltar was connected with Africa in those days. Due to a very big earthquake Atlantis disappeared and the Sahara Desert appeared. The Sahara was underwater before, and that’s why we can find oil there.’

Here is an example how intuitional Sarkar was, while in Spain walking with his disciples he said; ‘Over 2000 years ago – when the Roman empire was on its pinnacle of glory, they came here to conquer Iberia. A fierce battle was fought.’ He pointed to a concrete slab about 150 meters away: “Perhaps this is the place and that monument commemorates the battle.” (Notice Sarkar never had been before in that place). One listener ran on the slab: “It is true, it is the monument about the Roman battle.” Sarkar didn’t pay any attention to people’s astonishment. Source;, and notes by Acarya Manavendrananda

Sarkar interconnected also Scandinavia with Atlantean culture. Some Finnish psychic scholars link the birth of mystic Kalevala folklore to the time of Atlantis. A mysterious device called Sampo was used to produce supernatural powers, to materialise things etc. Like in Atlantis in this mythology there was a war between good and bad forces, which ended up to the destruction of Sampo.

According Heather Pringle’s book, The Master Plan, Hitler’s Ahnenerbe institute sent German scholars to discover the roots of the Aryan race to Scandinavia. Icelandic and Norwegian Edda and Finnish Kalevala legends were popular in Nazi circles, and belief that the Nordic race had evolved before founding a civilisation of the Atlantis – in the North Atlantic.

Shortly, Atlantis on Google Earth with Beautiful, Inspiring Song!

West from Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) and Marocco on Atlantic Ocean, is the probable location of Atlantis by many researchers. The Smithsonian Institution has done profound research on Atlantis. Danny Wilten and Manly P. Hall are sure that Atlantis continent was on Atlantic Ocean including Azores area. On 2015 Wilten made short video about Atlantis map and cover up;

The scientific evidence by The Smithsonian Institution is presented in a longer video; Google cover up of Atlantis. Two days after Wilten posted a video on Youtube about possible Atlantis images under ocean, Google covered them up!

Atlantis with Rivers, on Google Earth with Powerfull Music!

Author Graham Hancock and scholar Randall Carlson talk about the Azores Islands as a probable location for Atlantis at 57:34; A sailor in Azores found 16 meter high pyramid in 2013. Other structures has been found in 2015. Media is not interested.

Edward Forbes 1815-54, geological society, London, was one of the first in 1946 linking Ireland, the Azores and Iberian Peninsula with Atlantis. Greek Professor supports Iberia – Atlantis connection.

New research about Atlantis; Expedition 357 aims to investigate the serpentinization (rock converted to group of minerals) and the biosphere interaction within the active hydrothermal system. The 31 scientists conducting the research on Mid-Atlantic Ridge are from 13 different countries;                 ……………………

The Basques, Guals of France, tribes of the Canary and Azores all speak of their origins in sunken Atlantis. Alien interaction in the Basque culture, ‘The Bill Cooper Briefing’. Was Basque Atlantean race, asks ‘The Luminous Lodge’. The extinct Iberian language is related to Basque. . Source:

Professor Oppenheimer at Oxford University; British and Irish ancestors were Basques, not Celts, Prospect Magazine. They were Ice Age refugees from Atlantis, as also the Berbers, Iberians, Mauritanians, Lusitanians and Aquitanians.

Thirdphaseofmoon, Icelandic Atlantis


Edgar Cayce stated that Atlantis reached from Spain to Bimini, size of Europe and Asia. Flood of Noah was result of the sinking Atlantis. Atlantean “evil” faction was “Sons of Belial” and “good” faction, the “Sons of the Law of One”.  Atlanteans fled the final destruction prior to 10,000 B.C. DNA Analysis Confirms Cayce.  

Recent channeled interview of Nostradamus: Atlantis will be rediscovered. They have already discovered a part of it hidden under the ground of an ocean and it will be pushed back up. It is very large. A lot of very advanced technology will be discovered.

More from Channeling Erik; Atlantis was a large island. Underneath, there was a lot of fault lines, land literally fell apart. Atlanteans had served their purpose to stay on earth. Most were vegans and some did not need to eat. There was no laws. The way they ran the society was very unique and had infinite energy source. Some Atlanteans spread throughout the planet to help cultivate humanity and to send it on a new path of evolution.

Courtney Brown, Remote viewing Atlantis. Government map on Google earth shows under the sea the city of Atlantis, west of Marocco, near Spain. Remote viewer Dig Algiere sees that people used electricity created by fission-fusion. Drilling with high technology deep into ground on the other side of earth caused a catastrophic explosion, which destroyed Atlantis with “tsunami”. Almost all people died.

Princess remote views pyramid structures without top. Strange highly advanced energies used. Reason for destruction of Atlantis was that a science lab exploded. A cloud was covering half of the earth; land masses fell off, water rushing like tsunami. Only a few thousand people survived. Video concludes; we must learn from the past.

Past life in Atlantis, which was a Tropical Continent. The eastern part was off the coast of Spain and Africa – and the western part extending to N-America, Bimini. Atlantis was a civilization/society with high-technology & high spirituality. It was destroyed by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and – over one hundred meters high tidal wave. Some Western Europeans, Ancient Egyptians and ETs are Atlantean people,


In Plato‘s dialogues 360 B.C, Critias claims that Atlantis was swallowed by the sea about 9,200 years ago, “in front of” the Pillars of Hercules and facing modern Gades or Gadira (Gadiron),

Several Atlantis-researchers see Atlantis in Andalusia. Plato was using the word nesos, peninsula – the Iberian peninsula. He wrote that Poseidon bestowed ten districts of Atlantean empire governorship to his sons, which confirms the vastness of Atlantean empire and if 9000 years were moon years…the biblical Ice Age ending circa 1500 b.c. …………….

The Egyptian god Thoth was an Atlantean Priest-King, possibly author of Emerald Tablets in Atlantean language.

The gods of Greece were humans, Atlantean rulers. Mythology tells us that the Titans retreated into the interior of Spain. Titans were: Oceanus, Chronos, and Atlas – all sons of Uranos. Plato says, that Chronos was Atlantean “god”.

“Odyssey”, Greek Homer; When Odyssey goes to the land of Pluto, he “reached the far confines of Oceanus,” beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Chronos was “the harvest-god” was instructing Italians in agriculture and raised them from barbarous condition to ‘Golden Age.’ Plato also told that the Atlanteans extended to Italy. Murray’s “Mythology,” p. 32, 38. (Ibid. p. 47).

Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, was first to train horses. Plato also tells about Atlantic race-courses. Poseidon helped to build the walls of Troy and founded Athens – named after his niece Athena. …………

Some videos and books; Many places ruins found, as proof between Spain and Bahamas; Atlantis, Golden Ages’. Lot of info about Atlantis;

The best seller that started the Atlantis craze. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World; [1882];

Discovery Channel Documentary HD 2015;
Shirley MacLaine Past Life In Atlantis;
Some speculations on megaliths;
Plato video:
Dunbavin; Atlantis was large island in the Irish Sea ab 3100 BC.
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The Mysterious Origin of Life

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ET Warrior’s Face in a New Crop Circle

Feather head ET face appeared on new crop circle on Surray 19 July 2016. I have no idea what the video says about this crop circle, but might be related to Native Indians

And lets see how to summon ETs ? Stare into the sky on one spot with loving thoughts. Believe ETs will show up. Praying, meditating, singing and dancing might help. You may need to wait for sometime, as they are often testing your patience. If nothing happens, thank yourself of beings patient ! Try next day again and on and on. If still nothing happens gather a group of friends to help. You may see how Robert Bingham is doing it.
Thirdphaseofmoon; Robert Summons kindly UFO, kids love it;

Robbert van den Broeke also summons UFOs, here recent; Others who summon UFOs; Steven Greer, Jim Martin, Antonio Erzi, Ramon Watkins. And Prophet Yahweh Summons UFO for ABC News; And I’m trying…

We should play our role on OUR disclosure to help it happen by spreading the word and summoning UFOs !!! Although I can’t be sure if all things presented here are true, but mostly very well might be. And for sure aliens do exist, I’ll promise !!!

Many UFOs on Sun


Five for Friday #37; UFOs on sun; Space War is going on - the positive ETs fighting off the negative ones. ‘These beings are impatiently waiting for disclosure. The positive ETs  keep the earth guarded and protected’. This is what Psychic Focus says – and she is not the only one, many others are also talking about alien wars going on for freeing humans from reptilians and other nasties. So no doomsday here ! 

Two Massive UFO’s Seen Rocketing Out Of The Sun. (UFO News); And Giant UFOs near our Sun – July 19, 2016;

Underwater alien city in the Gulf of California? It measures over 125 km long (76 miles), 45 miles away from the Mexican coast. This has to be explored guys…

X NASA Scientist & Founder Of The Internet; Aliens Are Real; Dr Jacques Valle. New whistle blower on death bed confesses;

A Hearing on ET Disclosure,” in Canada involved a panel of UFO researchers presenting best evidence and reporters. . Here video;

UFO entering the Earth’s atmosphere, NASA cut live feed from the ISS, cover-up. Family abducted by ETs 2016;

Orion Council Galactic Update; After the time of Atlantis, shift happened, earth went to third density. We were the only one to stay and assist. Pyramids have many purpose, one is to keep aligned with universe. Our energies will assist in awakening. Ask why you are here? Meditate. Take back the planet with love. More channelers coming… Love always wins. Focus in positive.

Nice chat with alien “Mogay” who arrived to MUFON pleading for help, because another planet hit and caused a catastrophic explosion on Matif (their planet). Their physical body got destroyed, like spontaneous combustion, and then their spirits came to earth. ‘We coexist in electromagnetic field. If we can get more eyes, hearts and ears open to the fact that there’s so much more happening…, then we can create the changes needed to exist as One, to realize that everything is One’. His planet Matif is in another universe. And more about Mogay HERE.

Channeling Erik about Planet Nibiru; ‘It is somewhere around, and have some effect on earth and other planets, but its orbit is not so destructive now, as it was earlier times, when it was nearer and was part of causing small ice-age. It will cause emotional unrest and environmental changes, but partly they are caused by humans too’.

Niburu is a friend of our sun and came to hug her sister, but nothing dangerous going to happen. Commonly channelers don’t keep Niburu that dangerous, although some effect it has on earth and other planets. So no doomsday also here !

Zeta’s claim Wobble Proof; A recent brief midnight sunrise seen from Alaska for two hours proved to be wobble caused as the N Pole of Earth was tilted to the East. In 2013 the sun set twice same day in Mexico. Now same phenomena from a Mexican webcam. Zeta writer’s interview caused repeated jamming attempts on Rex of the Leak Project on July 14’, Part 1.

July 20 Jet Stream Report. Jet streams seem to fluctuate and mix the earth weather badly; Earth’s Magnetic Field/Rapid Movement on 20.7, he thinks it has something to do with Cern; Also extra heat from sun affects the magnetic field.

Black Chemtrails. They (the government) is trying to find an even more effective way of controlling weather (military purpose).

Chemtrails; Video; The US Navy have admitted to testing a secret weapon off the coast of Florida that caused a 3.7 M earthquake.

Max Spiers, a ‘supersoldier’, and sparring partner of James Casbolt, died in a Warsaw. Channeled Max Spiers; My passing have many purposes, related to awakening. Leaving for me was essential to continue my work. I’m more important now. Non is going to believe how I died. Was it Illuminati hit, not exactly, it was time to move on. Bring truth, light instead of dark, trust yourself, love yourself.

Propaganda going to increase, do you want to be part of truth or brainwashed crowd? It will diminish. Elite mad men mad women running the show. They try to make truth unbelievable, fictionalize, that they can laugh to us, but those days are coming to end. I was and I’m truthful. When you are in truth, you are in right place, but they will watch you. Know spirit, love God. Best way to awaken humanity, is to sacrifice yourself for truth.  
Corey Goode shares his less than positive interactions with the Wrangler, Gonzales, and has a message from the Blue Avian Raw-Teir-Eir regarding the coming shift or ascension. Goode adventured to base in the Kuiper belt to see Gonzales and Kaaree. At this base, he met Wrangler. Gonzales and the Wrangler told to Goode that the Cabal has been fleeing to secret bases in Antarctica and S-America. David Wilcock confirmed this via Pete Peterson and Bruce. Certain Earth-based Alliances were making plans to take the Cabal out in US and Europe. From-Venus-to-Antarctica-Summary-and-Analysis-Corey-Goode-and-David-Wilcock.html

Fulford Special Update - The White Dragon Society is offering a gold bounty for the capture of the individuals listed below. These criminals have been actively trying to kill 90% of the world’s population. Since the individuals below are highly dangerous you are authorized to use any necessary force if they resist arrest.

Wanted for mass murder.... Bounty: One ton of gold from arrest of each person; George Bush Senior. David Rockefeller, Etienne D’Avignon, David de Rothschild, George Bush Junior, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Benyamin Netanyahu, Barbara Bush, Janet Yellen, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Nicholas Sarkozi, Mario Draghi, Haruhiko Kuroda, Barack Obama. 

(NaturalNews) Pokemon Go, the game was actually developed by a CIA-funded software front group. It's essentially a CIA spying machine pretending to be a game, which hoards of totally brain dead apocalyptic zombie humans instantly converge on the scene.

The same guy who photographed the truck attack in Nice was miraculously in Germany for the mall shooting, where he got all the great photo shots of that too! His wife is also Mossad ! How cute is that? Censorship confirmed. Twitter wiped this, but it was possible to pick up the pieces.

Cosmic brotherhood; Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been struggling for unity and expansion. Individualism was prevailing in stone age, but later on human beings formed clans and tribal villages. At present, countries are bonding with each other. Due to technological advancement our search for unity is culminating towards friendship with interplanetary beings. Anyhow according to Indian P. R. Sarkar full participation into cosmic brotherhood is not possible until some basic factors are achieved: a common philosophy of life, a global constitutional structure, a common penal code and the fulfillment of basic necessities for all.

Thanks for Sources;

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Common Folks Waiting For Disclosure, ETs Protesting the Delay
Blue Avians, the Sphere Beings?
The Future Human ET


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Remote Viewing Future Events for July

The Farsight Institute remote viewers got Orlando and Istanbul events quite correct. They have released many new videos on Youtube. Their two remote viewers did sessions in May 2016 describing the major news events that they expected to happen in June 2016 – so in advance. Everyone can verify the upload date and how much correct they were. 

But perhaps you want to see first what they have predicted for July 2016. The unedited YouTube remote-viewing sessions for public before the event happens has been posted on June 12. Let’s see if they get it right this time. It is not that easy to predict future as people have free will and nobody knows what they are going to do next. There are different possible timelines to see at least.


There are three separate videos, one from each remote viewer, recorded in June; Dick Allgire Video Session, In front of building big crowd of people inside barricade yelling to other group of people. Men with horses helpless (police?). Some high pressure spray with fire. But see more on this interesting video.

Daz Smith Video Session; Celebrity, politician or corporate leader ab 30 years male speaking something negative and important. Staged surprise event, breaking news. Listeners questioning, anxiously. Have global impact.

PrinCess Jeaneé Video Session; Huge building complex, where inside politicians. Frantic commotion of people outside, boycott, or rally.

Paper sessions are also available at the bottom of this link, PAPER SESSIONS FOR ALL VIEWERS. Follow the news and keep up with, NEWS ANALYSIS DATA TABLE FOR JULY 2016.

HERE ARE THE PREVIOUS SESSIONS FROM MAY FOR JUNE EVENT, you can see how much correct their predictions were.

Dick Allgire was remote viewing in May the terror attack on the nightclub, seems to be THE ORLANDO MASSACRE, Florida that happened on 12 June 2016.It is amazingly good description although some difference also.

Daz Smith was remote viewing in advance the bombing that seems to be TERROR IN ISTANBUL, TURKEY, that occurred on 28 June 2016, but he says it is in USA. The explanation is that different occasions gets easily mixed up. You can see it here;

'This public experiment offers clear proof of the nonlinearity of time, and indeed, that time as a real thing that separates events does not exist. Clearly, Farsight remote viewers are transferring perceptual information across time and space in complete violation of the currently accepted relativistic and classical “laws” of physics, laws that are obviously in need of serious revision. And let the mainstream fade in the dust’.
Source; Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director, The Farsight Institute.

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Remote Viewing Murder Cases

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Short Inspirational Stories From Masters

Many Sadhus, Swamis and Babas have given remarkable words of wisdom – having realized them through their yoga and meditation practices. By the strength derived from these sustained yoga and other kind of psychic and spiritual practices, present people can overcome the on going deprivation, degeneration and destruction in the world. Life will become effulgent with higher vibration and consciousness, which the lower forces can’t tolerate. I think this is the process what is increasingly happening right now. The silent revolution, whether you see it or not!

Once Swami Vivekananda was traveling in his orange monk robe. Someone asked him, ‘Why don’t you dress like a gentleman?’ The great yogi replied, ‘Well, for you it is the tailor who makes a gentleman, but for me it is the character that makes the one’. This was one of the seven stories from and about Vivekananda in this touching video – from father to his son, just see!

Jimmy Choo; Yoganandaji came to me in a dream, he held his hands above my head and poured in very powerful energy. I called out “no more” and then I woke up. I prayed and said can you give me a sign it was real? Well my mother took my kids for a walk to the beach. I had told no one about my dream. When they returned my daughter said, ‘I found this lying face down on the bush track’. It was a picture of Yoganandaji, well you can imagine how elated I was. ……………………..

The own mother of Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Baba), didn’t recognize Him as such. She performed worship of Shiva each day according to common Hindu practice, but she would often see Baba mentally during her worship. One day mother asked Baba, “When I do worship, why do I often see you?” Baba replied, ”Ma, perhaps you love me very much, that’s why you see me.” Later on the mother also started to realize his son was Guru. …………………..
One man saw Swami Rama getting a lot of money from people while sitting under a tree on meditation. The man thought to pretend himself to be a swami and sit in a robe on roadside in order to get donations, but nobody gave anything. He asked Swami Rama how it was so easy for him. Swami Rama answered; “You know when I wanted such things they never came to me, but the day I determined I didn’t want them, then I began getting them. Also Swami Vivekananda said that Fortune is like a flirt – she will run away from you when you want her, but if you are not interested in her, she will come chasing you.”

Personally I have experienced this while doing relief collections for about ten years. When I forsake my collection target, urgency and fears of not getting money, and just enjoyed of walking around and rather trying to make the people that I met happy – I got most money. Exceptions seem to be those well known occasions, like when collecting after 2004 Indian ocean tsunami. I think people just wanted to give, whether I was eager to get or not. …………………

Shiva invented and developed the science of breath control (Pranayama). Shiva also gave clear instructions how this science could be applied by people in the practical field of action. When doing a heavy job while breathing normally, a person might have serious difficulties – perhaps one’s limbs would be broken under the burden – but in a state of lungs full, one can easily do the same work. If a person becomes agitated, causing his respiration to speed up, anger will easily get expressed – the hand indriya (propensity) will become active resulting in him angrily punching another person. – P. R. Sarkar.

Little Krishna teaching love, children’s video in English

Little Krishna Darling (long video) has got more than 14 million views;
Ramana Maharshi; A lady had a precious necklace round her neck. Once in her excitement she forgot it and thought that the necklace was lost. She became anxious. At last a kind friend of hers told her to feel the necklace round her neck. She found that it had all along been round her neck, but she was as happy as if she had recovered a lost jewel. Similarly with us, we imagine that we will realize that Self some time, whereas we are never anything but the Self. -  by David Godman.

Experiences Of Dada Shiveshvarananda; It was in 1969 and Baba had began explaining about the relation of death with the body vayus (vital airs). He asked one brother to sit in the posture for meditation. One by one Baba instructed all his vayus to come out from his body. The brother was eventually lying down. Then Baba asked a medical student to check his body. He found the body to be completely lifeless and stiff. Baba said, that the stiffness was due to the nervous system not working. Then He instructed the vayus one-by-one to return, and asked us to massage his body so that the stiffness would gradually go away.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living organization, spoke in EU Parliament in 2015. When someone mentioned of never having practised yoga, Sri Sri Ravi commented that everyone have practised yoga as a baby. Babies lift up their legs, heads or hands similar way than in yoga. They also smile for joy hundreds of times a day without no reason; ………………….

Avadhutika Ananda Usa; In October I journeyed alone to India where I met Baba (her Guru). I told Him that I had a question from the devotees in Rio de Janeiro about white sugar. Baba said, ‘Tell them that white sugar makes one look older. If suppose a person of 24 years eats a lot of white sugar, she will look like 44 years old. So a substitute for white sugar should be used if available.’ His words touched me directly as I was 24 years old and during that first week I had eaten daily a box of milk sweets!

The other questions in my mind were surprinsingly answered by Baba during His darshan talks. He always showered His love, affection and grace on me. I realized that He wanted the best for all His children in the universe. He had prepared me since my childhood to do something “good and worthy in life”. I decided to become an Acarya (teacher). His unconditional love and sweetness are the greatest inspiration in my life.       .....................

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Sages and Saints about the Bright Future of Humanity
Galloping jump from evolutionary night to dawning light
Yogis and Swamis walk amongst us !
A bit Asceticism Makes the Day – Proves also Science
Diet for Spiritual People
The Future Superpower India and Its Kalki Avatar – Who Came and Left His Mission to be Folded
Artist and Real Yogi Bears Waking up from Hibernation in Finland
No One World Religion – but Global Spiritual Awakening
Yogi Christmas and New Year
God is One, Names are Many, Whom to follow?

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Common Folks Waiting For Disclosure, also ETs Protesting the Delay

From Psychic Focus, shortly; UFOs over Dresden during Bilderberg Meeting June 2016 was very real. This was like a peaceful protest showing their presence and reminding TPW (The Powers that Were) of the rules they agreed to regarding disclosure. Eventually a forced disclosure by ETs and sightings with many witnesses will happen. Odd disclosure (feels like they tell the truth without actually telling the truth) will happen within the next presidency. (Later she comments that they were not the UFOs mentioned on above link, but some other ships. DA). UFOs: Real or Photoshop.

May be Jean-Claude Juncker took the ET reminder seriously and started the disclosure in his EU Parliament speech: “I have met several leaders of other planets “; Interestingly there was nothing about other planets when translated to members of the EU Parliament. Tricky!.

Blake gets surprisingly positive answers when interviewing common people about existence of UFOs and ET life, 7/6/2016

Really weird; Cigar shaped UFO flashing and splashing, 7-6-2016;

Weird UFO Morphing in Texas 7-6-2016;

Many kind of alien ORBS show up during Hypnosis Session 

Update concerning the previous video; An ET explains what they were doing to Lars on the video; They were boosting him with energies and helping that he is able to sense and communicate more easily. Lars is working on the free energy project. Human light workers, scientists, are developing new free energy technology, which will be introduced to humanity very soon, and in couple of years it will be in common use. There are many groups of those scientists working connectedly and together with ETs. Earlier the elites could stop any new technology project by withdrawing its finances etc means, but now these free energy groups are protected by ETs. More from 15th dimension.

Nazi Connections Message From The Nordic ETs; US (Rotchilds) financed Nazies in Germany to wipe out other than white race. Some of those Nordics engaged with humans were negative, some positive. Anyhow WWII struggle also helped to elevate human race. Elites have already world government, using chemical warfare to keep people off developing spiritually. Russia is getting free of the NWO. China has their own kind. US is deep into it, Nazies are still in control. Net messaging is changing the world, helps to unite. Death is big scam, your relatives are still around in spirit. You are not alone there are spirits everywhere. Rothschilds have internal war, young generation disagreeing with the old;

ET Yahyel admits that they have created human/ET hybrids. Many of them are born in the earth in order to help earth humans to ascend. They want to live on earth and share their technology etc. Humans are ascending to 4 Dimension gradually.

Guru Neem Karoli Baba channeled; The ETs are like guardian angels, they protect earth from destruction. They connect with Gurus, saints etc.

Best UFO Sightings from Asia Official;

Kid Films a UFO He Says Has Been Following Him For Weeks;    
Steven Greer Chronicles, He witnessed an earth sized UFO;

Sarkar said that there is alien life on many planets, and that the PROUT, socio-economic system, is in practice on many planets. You may see more; The Prout Handy Booklet

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The Future Human ET 

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Friends of Ghosts Research in Finland

Finnish research team Aavedata (ghostdata) is investigating regularly haunted places. The team has made nightly research so far in about 20 haunted castles and other places in Finland.  

The team studies first very well the history of the haunted place, and then does research with many modern instruments, such a EMF meters, digital voice recorders and thermographic and video cameras. Besides they try to make the environment familiar to the "ghosts" by performing different activities related to the history of the place.

When Juppe one of the researchers was in holidays in Greece – surprisingly a Finnish speaking spirit Matti appeared there also. He seems to be always following Juppe to any place he goes. This is from their video: Unbelievable Ghost box sessions in Rhodes island by a Finnish paranormal team called Aavedata! Jupe Keskitalo, (founder of the team) gets direct answers from P-SB7 device in his own language in Greece! Is this “Matti” his guardian angel who is speaking with him or another spirit? 
Subtitles in English; 

In the next video, they spend a night in a castle, which name was before Milavida, owned and built by Nottbeck. As a museum now the castle is called Näsilinna.

It has been a civil war scene with temporary prison. The so called Whites and Reds occupied the castle by turns. Later Näsilinna has been also used as a school and hospital. It is also interesting to notice that the castle has many Freemason signs.

This Näsilinna castle research is once again confirming that the "ghosts" are actually souls of now dead people who have lived earlier in the place. For some reason they stay in their old home and don’t go into light or continue into next life.

The so called ghost voice box recorder magnify the speech of the spirits, and one can hear sometimes clearly accurate answers to inquiries. Often when there is a soul near by the researcher, he can also feel how the temperature goes down, which is then measured. Besides it is common that the body hair stands up near the ghostly being. During the sittings the souls mention often Nottebeck, the name surely familiar for the occupants during their life time.

It is sad to notice that many of those souls that they come in contact with, are asking for help. Often the team concentrates on helping those stuck souls to go into light from the earthly plane. 

The group has done only one possession research, during which they couldn’t help the victim, but witnessed eventually how two spiritual healers helped the victim to get free of the possessive beings.

The Näsilinna Palace has had lots of civil war deaths, and thus many restless souls seems to have stayed guarding the castle – some even demanding that the team has to leave the place. You really want to see the video? with English subtitles

More about their research in English;

There seems to be also a new movie about the civil war fightings in the Näsilinna Palace with English subtitles. It is free HD movie, but you have to sign in, I have not yet seen it myself.


There has been now twice UFOs like orbs over Helsnki in recent month. First time people reported ab 40 balls;

Putin just visited Helsinki, someone interpreted what he spoke threatening if Finland joins NATO, but he was rather joking. Here one English video;
Why Finland has the Best Education by Michael Moore;

Sami Folk Music and yoiks are sang in Northern Finland and Scandinavia. You will love this one; Mari Boine - I Come From The Other Side;


My article about ghosts; Ghosts as Such Does not Exist